“Marymae and The Nightmare Man” Kickstarter Launch!!

I am VERY proud to announce that the Marymae Kickstarter is now live!! What is Marymae? It's an illustrated novelette filled with colorful characters, whimsical and crazy situations, and a powerful theme of having hope - even when surrounded by despair. Marymae has the sweetness and straightforwardness that only a child could have - which … Continue reading “Marymae and The Nightmare Man” Kickstarter Launch!!

My 2020 Vision!

2020, the close of a decade. Where to even start? 2010 seems not so long ago. Yet I've grown from an ambitious, skinny pre-teen, who's main focus was dancing, my horses, and a growing desire to write - into a published young adult, who's days are now filled with running a household, adventuring with my … Continue reading My 2020 Vision!