And So The Adventure Begins!

This is my blog. My little piece of the internet where my stories, ideas, and thoughts will flow freely. My own little corner, my hide away or journal. Where unexpected adventures could happen, or hidden things be found.

With excitement and anticipation I do open, like opening a new book. But this one has not yet been written. The blank pages may swallow me, beat me and wear me down. Or they may rise and flow over me, bringing joy and wonder. I am hoping for the latter.

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I am a writer, but I did not exactly choose to be. I would not say that I come up with characters, rather, they come up with themselves. They pop up in my head and cause endless commotion, bumping around and distracting me. I must give them something to do, someway to get them out, least my head becomes too full and explodes.

So I create worlds for them to live in, adventures for them to go on. I form, shape and guide them. They don’t always like it, but they grow and learn all the same. Along the way they begin to change – many people do on great quests – and their world is enriched as the story grows deeper.

I follow along behind. They never know I’m there; they’d hate me if they knew. Because I’m the one that tests them, setting up all their obstacles and monsters. I’m the one who  puts them through hell,  just to see what they’re made of. They’d rather just have a pleasant , easy life. But what’s the fun in that!?

I craft a story, one that will test them and see who they really are. I watch and fix and tweak, writing everything down so that it will finally escape from my head. Until at last I have a story, and a friend… or ten.

And that is why I write, or how I like to think of it anyway. I do not know how this will turn out years from now, or what I will think of it when I look back. But in life, no one really does; that’s half the fun of it! Oh, and hello to my future self, and all you other future folk! How’s the world look like from where you’re sitting? Am I doing okay in future land?

Anyway, I fear not, whether this will be a fluke, or a great new beginning! It is a journey, a quest for adventure! Is there anyone brave enough to enter with me into worlds unknown, and seek stories yet untold? Think ye suited for such daring deeds as exploring the imagination that God has given us? Be ye worthy of such noble feats as bringing forth new worlds, stories and adventures? Then come along, come with me, and become lost in La-La-Land!


17 thoughts on “And So The Adventure Begins!

  1. Hehe! I get to post the first comment! I’m really excited for you and think this is a fantastic opening! Can’t wait to read more of this and your stories, I’ve enjoyed getting to keep up with your writing. Keep up the good work!

  2. “I am a writer, but I did not exactly choose to be. I would not say that I come up with characters, rather, they come up with themselves.”

    So it is for all true writers. We do not choose, we are chosen.

    Welcome to the ranks. Gird on your sword and take up your lyre, and sing.

      • A worthy vow! I am awed, because I swore a vow much like it once and I recognize the spirit that moves you.

        I salute you, youngest comrade in our ranks. You are a princess among women, a rare pearl among the chicken eggs.

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