Here’s to Our Moms

What would we be without our mothers?

A lonely lot, I’d say.

Life without laughter, joy or color.

Without them, we wouldn’t be here today!


Who else would’ve held us when we were so small?

The first to show us deep love.

Patient throughout long nights as we bawled.

Gentle and kind as a dove.


Throughout the years, she gives herself away.

Our chaperone and chauffeur.

“Caring as a mother” never gets cliche.

Supporting us through all the chapters.


Mothers have the hardest jobs of all.

Moms, mutter, madre, mum.

Taking care of us when we drive her up the wall.

No matter what language, she our wonderful mom!


Some mom’s have trouble doing it right.

Life gets tough when stress is so high.

We still must love them, even when they’re no white knight.

And we remember the times they have braved the rough tides.


Showing what’s right and helping us learn.

Watching with love as we have grown.

They guide us and help us achieve what we earn.

Until the day we set out on our own.


We remember the teachings drilled in our thick skulls.

In all this wide world we can never forget her.

Whenever we need her, we know we can call.

Always come back and thank your dear mother!


So thank you, for the love, and the hugs, and the kisses.

For the scoldings, and the teachings, and the lessons.

For the sick days, and hard days, and just-making-do days.

For the support and the hope you give us, always.

Thank you for the heart aches and head aches and white hairs you’ve endured.

A thousand words are not enough, so three will have to do.

Mom. I love you!













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