Writing Update: Writing is an Animal

I got through eighteen pages of my book this week, I beat my goal! And will do it again, because my new goal is to beat my last best. So for this coming week I have to beat eighteen, and next week I may have to beat twenty, or thirty! And also, I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do about characters who keep changing their minds about things. Like whether or not to keep a secret! Ahem, Lillian.

This morning I was kidnapped by my muse. At a rather inconvenient time, I might add. It glued my hands to the keyboard, and I was able to finished the other half of the story I had started the night before. It’s only a page and a half long, the shortest short story I’ve ever written. (I’ll try and have it out soon for my monthly short story).

The muse rendered me incapable of operating in real life. Filling my head with so many words I had no choice but to type it all out, I couldn’t risk losing them! But it left my horses waiting another hour for their feed.                                                                                           Now that I need it to help me write something witty and clever, that sneaky muse is ignoring me.


Muses are like cats. Always there when you don’t want them, never around when you need them.

Speaking of feline muses, have you every had butterfly thought syndrome? Where perhaps you’re trying some different ways of wording a sentence or something like that, and you think of the perfect way to put it. Just to have it fly away. I like to call these butterfly thoughts, because they’re so perfect, and so very, very hard to catch. Either you were not fast enough, you hesitated, or it just didn’t like you. But it’s gone and you either have to settle for what you can remember, or bang your head against a wall trying to bring it back.


Now the best way I’ve come up with to catch these thoughts, is to have your net ready, and wing it. (Ha-ha, pun intended.) Really, if one flies close, grab it as fast as you can and write it down somewhere. Show no mercy, because I’m sure they’re just sitting there laughing at us as we scramble to find them.

Ya know, I bet they have some secret country club, where they smoke cigars and brag about how much they annoy us pitiful humans. On top of that they’re probably just as pompous as cats. Those ungrateful little…

Anyway, I hope you learned something. I for one learned the writing can be an animal sometimes.

Have an adventurous week!


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