Update on a Sick Day

So… my body decided to rebel against me today. Swollen throat, runny noise, sore and just uncomfortable.  I was not going to let it get the best of me! I figured it would probably be gone in a couple days, and I didn’t want my update to be late. I was determine to get it done on time, until the writing tip got kinda long…. too long for my little update. That will have to be posted separately in the near future. But for now, here is a sick day poem.



Nose! No running! Throat will you stop hurting!

Eyes, why are you puffy? This is so annoying.

Can’t speak, Voice went on vacation for a week.

Trying to sleep; don’t what to hear that beep.

Ears, stop poppin’! Does this look like a lock-in?!

Why do you have to be mean?  You never listen to me!

My mood is sour, I can’t even smell my flowers!

Tomorrow, I’d better be free, or you’ll see how nasty I can be!

Get back in line now. Where is my tea? I need another round.

Body you’ll be back, you’ll see, because I know you really need me.

Can you please stop fighting, look at the fire you’re lighting!

Fine, go fight the bad guys, I know what you do saves lives.

Quick! Chase out the germs, so I stop feeling like a worm.

When this is done, I’ll be on my way! Until I have another sick day…


On a happier note, I get twenty pages on my book this week, Yay! I’m getting there!



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