Update. Adventuring Day at the RenFair

The journey was long, but the arrival swift. The sun was warming up the new day and excitement was in the air as we filed out, collecting our gear. I bounced as we set out along the path, point shoes laced and jingling belt held fast. “Today is going to be awesome!” I exclaimed as we reached the fround gate. I started moving when I heard festive music playing, dancing on the grass and not caring who stared.Image       (you can see the band behind me, and there were gobs of people to my right.)

The day was fresh and bright, as the adventure began we wonder what we might find.

A ride with a friendly tinkerer perhaps?



A show of fire and whips?


Finding what a fox says?


Or dancing with Rapunzel?


The adventure carried on, the laughter stayed strong. new friends were made and songs were sung. And as the day when on I even grew horns!


I jingled and jangled, I danced and I laughed, my feet hurt a little but we weren’t done yet! With friends all around and new people to meet, the day was fantastic, jolly good fun. Plus we had ice cream when it was all done!

DSC05818 DSC05815 DSC05792 DSC05795 DSC05778 DSC05782 DSC05798

So that was my Saturday, I always love the renaissance festival. Anyway, a little update on how my writing is coming along, well…. not as much as I’d like. I got about ten pages of revising on my novel, and working on writing up a little story I told my little sister.        Also, I have a little story I’ll post hopefully sometime this week, it will be quite interesting.  I will leave you with that, but for now I’m off! To see if I will ever get my head out of imaginary worlds….


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