Adorableness of a Baby Horse

I have a story to tell you. Once upon a time, only about a year ago, I walked out on the front porch to find a new furry face to behold. I ran inside with great joy, crying “Come see, the baby is born! the baby is born!”                                                                                                     We walked out to the field, dew still on the ground. Rejoicing, because all had gone well and little one was healthy and here.


Such soft nose and wet hooves, blinking in the light of this new world. With a half moon on her head and the silver moon color on her coat, she was born under the full moon on the summer solstice. We named her after the Celtic goddess of summer, Aine. Pronuonced ‘awn + ye’ with an Irish accent! Legend associates her with the full moon at mid summer and she can take the form of a horse. Perfect!

2013-6-21 (14) 2013-6-21 (21) 2013-6-21 (31)       She was quite a surprise, for when we bought her mother we did not know it was a two for one deal. But a welcome surprise that we cherish and love. We only found out a month or so before she was due that she was there at all, and we worried because the mother might have eaten a grass that prevents her milk from coming in. But all was well on that morning when we found her walking with her mom, and she continued to grow strong.




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Days turned to months, and summer turned to fall. As young ones do, Aine changed as well; her body and her hair! Every day learning so much; she wanted to show her mom!

025 006 175 027


Such a sweet little girl learning and growing. Her coat again grew dark as the nights got cold. With time and patients, and lots of cold feet, winter came and the snow was deep.




Aine didn’t know what a snowman was, but decided it was a good thing to step on. And so winter passed with all it’s snow, ice and frozen water troughs. The cold melted as spring was on it’s way. And when the fur shed off my girl, I found she was so much bigger than when she came.



Then the day arrived, I can’t believe a year has passed us by. My baby’s a year old! We had a little birthday celebration; we took pictures and played. She follows us everywhere and is so good on a lead line, such a calm level headed girl. She’ll be an amazing horse with time.



Cianna was honored with being the first to ever sit on her, and Aine didn’t mind. What a good big girl; we had such a good time!

P1290492 P1290511P1290525 P1290503 P1290541 P1290536 P1290533 P1290546 P1290580 P1290610 P1290581 P1290586 P1290631 P1290551 P1290601 I know this doesn’t have much to do with writing, but it was too adorable and special not to share. Have a blessed day, and remember to always find to wonder and joy in life!


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