Update, Editing… Yay.

I have only two things to say… editing makes me sleepy and I have a surprise!

If you guessed that I finished my super special short story, and am now racing to get the editing done and submit it, then you would be correct. If you also guessed I am not doing a very good job at being quick at it, then yeah… you got me there too. But if you try and continue your guessing spree by saying I will give up or make it only good enough, then nay! You are mistaken! You see, I may have started a month late, and only have four days left to swim through all the typos and wonky-jowled sentences I have a habit of throwing in, but that will not stop me from making this the best story ever! And winning… Hopefully. If I can stay awake long enough that is, for I’ve found that editing makes me sleepy. Not that it’s all that boring, I just end up yawning a bunch at first. Until I get into the flow of things, or me and my brother try to do the voice for a five year old and fail horrible. Then I feel better. I’m only half way through round one, but I’ll make it.

My other news, as I said, is a surprise. and you’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out what it is! Muhahahaha! But I will give you one hint… it’s a really cool surprise! I will leave you with that.


(The face you make when editing.)


2 thoughts on “Update, Editing… Yay.

  1. Great, awesome, and kudos to you for finishing the rough draft using only half of the time given! Are you still sending me it for edits? It would help to send it in ASAP.

    Cordially yours,

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