The Big Bike Race

Ten years ago I wrote a story for our co-op’s short story contest. All I did was start telling Mom my story while she wrote it down, and I ended up winning in my age group.  So, as a little blast from the past this month, here’s the story 6 year old me wrote ten years ago. Enjoy!


One sunny morning, I was riding around on my new bike. My bike was pink, white and silver. It had 7 gears in the front and 3 gears on the back. My bike was the best birthday present I got; even better than my veggie tales CD and my paint by numbers. I loved my bike so much that every day I wanted to go riding.                                                                         When I saw the mail lady coming down the hill, I went rushing down to the mailbox to wait for her. She stopped at our mailbox. I said, “Hello!”                                                                       She said, “Hello weeping willow girl!”                                                                                                I laughed, “My hair does kinda look like a weeping willow, I guess!” It had been crazy hairdo day at co-op, and my hair was braided into a bunch of French braids.                           She handed me the mail and said, “I must go!” So I said good-bye and she left. I sat down with my bike parked to look at the mail. There was some for Mom, some for Dad, but especially I saw three envelops. They were all red. At first I thought they were Netflix, but when I looked closer, I saw that only two were Netflix. One was about a bike race for all ages and sizes. I had a bag with me, so I slipped the mail into the bag, hopped on my bike, and rode up our driveway as fast as my bike could carry me.                                                      I ran inside and shouted, “There’s a bike race for all ages and sizes, Mom!”                              My brothers were excited. “I want to go, Mom!” “Me too!” my brothers said.                          My mother said, “Let me see the paper.” I gave her the piece of mail; she opened it up. Inside it read:

A Bike Race for all ages and sizes at the Rec Center – Saturday.

“It’s Monday,” I said.                                                                                                                           “Then that means you have this week to practice,” my mother said. We practiced all those five days to prepare for the race. We rode laps, our mom timed us, we raced each other – even our dad raced us. Then we were ready for the race.


The day of the race, I jumped out of bed. I ran to my brothers’ room to wake them. We all ran to the kitchen and ate our breakfast fast, for we were very excited about the race. Jubal and Mom were putting the bike rack on when I came down stairs. I asked if I could help.                                                                                                                                                        Jubal said, “Go get the bikes.”                                                                                                           “OK,” I said.                                                                                                                                   “Get the helmets, too,” said my mom.                                                                               Jeremiah came down with Jeshua. After Jubal and Mom were done, Mom went upstairs to get Joziah. Finally, we backed out of the driveway, and we told jokes all the time we were driving. When we finally got there, we hopped out of the car and unloaded the bikes. I got the helmets. Jeremiah got Joziah and Jeshua out. There were many kinds; one two three and more. I don’t know – I tried to count them but there were too many.                           “Attention! Attention!” the announcer said, “all racers to the starting line! The race will be around the park 10 laps.”                                                                                                       “Hurry! Hurry! The announcer’s calling! We’ve got to hurry!” I called to my brothers. We got our helmets; the bikes were already unloaded. Mom, Joziah, and Jeshua went to the bleachers, and we got on our bikes to go to the starting line.                                                 When we got there I asked my brothers, “Do you think any of our friends are here?”              “I don’t know,” said Jubal.                                                                                                                  “Maybe,” said Jeremiah.                                                                                                                      “Oh, I hope one of us will win!” I said.                                                                                               Then we heard the announcer say, “Everyone here? Everyone ready? On your mark, get sat, GO!”                                                                                                                                           We took off! At first, I had trouble with my bike; then I caught up with my brothers. All 9 laps I was trying to get up to first place. For 3 laps, I was with my brothers. On the 4th lap, I caught up with one of my friends. On the 5th lap, my brothers were on my tail. Finally, on the 9th, I caught up with the first person. All through the 10th lap, we were trying to get past each other. When we were near the finish line, I finally broke out in front and won the race! The amazing thing was that when I was crossing the finish line, the other boy struggled to get past, but Jubal and Jeremiah beat him to it and came in 2nd place together! Everyone cheered! And I won the trophy of the bike!


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