Update, When a Stranger Comes Tapping

I NEED TO WRITE! Ever since finishing my story for the Baen Book contest (hopefully it made it there in time), and being a little disheartened by the loss of a whole lot of editing and about ten pages of the novel I am working on, my writing has well… lagged a bit. But that hasn’t stopped the part of me that demands to be writing… and adventuring… and creating…. OR ELSE! I’m not exactly sure what that “or else” is… but probably something along the lines of being bored or lonely or not knowing what to do with myself. Or if it gets too far, insanity.

So to quell the beast within me, I looked up a writing prompt, found a seed to grow, and will see what flowers here.

Okay beast, lets do our thing!

*Beast growling and snapping, tongue hanging out, as it catches the taste of adventure. And howling as it waits for the hunt to began.*

What? We should do this with just dialog!?

*Nods it’s head with a furious yes, and flings slobber on my arm.*

Yuk! Well can I at least use the little * thingy to describe things if I need to?

*Narrows it’s eyes at me.*


*Gives in and slobbers on my arm in agreement.*

Really, you have GOT to stop with the slobbering. It’s disgusting!

*Cackles with laughter and starts to slink away.*

Oh no you don’t, get back here you little…

“Excuse me miss, I hate to bother… Um why are you trying to strangle that cat? And are those butterfly wings on it’s back?”

Uh… no reason, I’ll just let him go in these bushes… yeah. Um what were you saying?

(Pssst, you are so dead later! And what’s up with throwing me in the story?! You can’t do that!

*Disappears into the bushes laughing diabolically.*

I hate cats… wait, that guy was saying something.)


“….So then”

I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

*Gives me an odd look* “Certainly, I…

(Ha! Well if I’m in this story I’m going to use the * thingy!

*Sticks it’s tongue out, and on me*

AH! Again with the drooling! Com’n, you’re suppose to be a cat, and cats don’t drool! Well… they don’t have butterfly wings either but….crap, he’s talking again.)

“…That’s why I wanted to talk to you, see?”

*Stares at him blankly* I am so sorry, but I didn’t hear a word of that. Could you please say it just one more time?

*He gives me a very odd look*

(^He thinks you’re crazy^

Oh shut up. And you’re not supposed to be talking!

^I am now^

Well stop it! And what’s with ^ thingys?

^It means I’m talking, and…. No.^

Ugh! Whatever, I’m ignoring you now)

*He’s still looking at me funny*

“I’m so sorry, again. You probably think I’m a little crazy…”

(^That’s because you are. And sister, it ain’t just a little.^


*He watches in shock as I dive bomb the bush, and after a few minutes of wrestling, come up with a funny looking cat, hog tied*

Okay… now you better spit it out while I’ve got this thing under control. Don’t you try and bite me cat, you’re on thin ice as it is!

“Um, ahem, are you A. M. Freeman, world renowned author, and storyteller extraordinaire?”

OhMyGosh! Are you a time traveler!? Does that really happen?

“I don’t know, unfortunately I don’t have a time machine, I’ve just heard of you is all. Come to think of it, I don’t rightly know why I said that, just kinda popped in my head.”

*Slaps the hog tied cat* Stop messing with everyone in this story, and getting my hopes up! Time traveler my foot..

“Um…anyway I’ve heard you like adventures, and frankly… I need your help with something.”

*Throws hog tied cat back into the bushes* Oh goody, an adventure! I’m in!



Part Two


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