When a Stranger Comes Tapping, Part Two

On last week’s episode, we left our heroes about to set out on an epic adventure. Only problem  is…

“I guess we’ll be off on our adventure then. But.. I can’t tell you what exactly it is yet.”

Oh, why not?

*Leans closer* “Because it’s not safe here.”

Whatever. Secrets makes things more interesting anyway…

*Muffled sounds coming from the tied cat.*

“Um, are you going to….?”

Right, I guess if I’m going’ adventuring I’d better take Muse with me. *Unties cat.*

Okay, Random guy this is Muse, or as I call him, The Annoying One.

^Oh, you don’t mean that.^ *Walks over to sit next to the Guy. ^She loves me, she just doesn’t want to admit it.^

Yeah, whatever Annoying One. So uh, Mr….

“Dude, Mr. Dude.”

*Cat snickers.*

Ahem, So Mr. Dude where to first?

“Yes, adventure! It’s right this, um… way?”  *Looks around the completely white space*

“Miss writer lady, there’s no scenery, I don’t think we can go anywhere if there’s no places to go to.”

You’re right. Well… we’re still in my Writing Update spot, and there’s not much I can do here. *Taps chin, thinking.*

^We’d have to get to a new post or a word document, or something like that for you to build a world for us-^

Hey Muse?


Is today Wednesday?

*Dude steps forward* “Why yes it is.”

^She was asking me, Pal.^

“It’s Dude.”

It’s goin’ to be a sock in the mouth for both of y’all if you don’t hush up now. I gotta break the fourth wall real quick, and I don’t need you two distracting me. It’s delicate, and we don’t want this whole site to crash down on our heads, now do we?

*They snapped their yackers closed.*

*Takes a deep breath* Okay, guys! Little Update on what’s going on. Honestly I haven’t done a lot of writing lately, none really. Summer has gotten a lot busier than I expected, and I haven’t quite gotten up the courage to try to fix what was lost in the novel I was working on. But I’ve got a long drive to Indiana soon, so maybe I can buckle down and get back in the flow of things. Speaking of which, I’m going on a little road trip adventure with a few of my brothers and a friend, so I don’t know how much I’ll be on here. Maybe I can get some good posts about our adventures-

*Rumble rumble, rip, CRASH!*

Ah! Muse w-whats going on?!

^Something’s ripped through. Don’t know what it is, but its coming after us!^

Okay, we don’t have weapons so how are going to-

*Giant hand-claw comes down toward them and they scatter.*

“Whoa! maybe if we can get around him, and into that hole he made, we can find something.”

*Dodging dodging dodging.*

I made it! Hurry you guys, Dude grab my hand, Muse where are-

^Over here! I’m… AHHHHGGG!!!^

*Horn stabs Muse.*

Muse! Noooo!

“Come on Muse, uses those butterfly wings! *Dude is cheering*

“They gotta be good for something!”

^I… *Cough cough* If I can just…. almost…^


To Be Continued… 

Part One                                                                                       Part Three


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