Road Trip Adventure Day 1


Guess where I am?

Go on now, guess!

I won’t tell you unless you guess.

Take your time, I’ll wait.

Have you guessed yet? Good, because I’m done waiting.

I’m in…. Indiana! Home of corn fields, corn fields and….. what was that? Oh yeah, corn fields. My brothers, my friend Bethany, and I have set off on a week and a half long road trip to Indiana, Virginia and  Washington DC. And I have decided to write a post every day on our adventures and escapades, because why the heck not!?

Yesterday was just trying to get up here. We left the house at 12:00, but didn’t leave the house ’til 2:10. I’ll explain.

At 12:00 we pack up the car and stopped by Kroger to pick up snacks. 1ish we picked up Bethany. 1:30 or so we were headed back to our house, I had no idea why at the time. I just knew I was confused and had a huge picture frame cased in Styrofoam sitting on my lap making my legs sweaty. Turns out Jubal’s car was acting up and we had to drive and get more oil. By the time we went to the store, got back (I still had sweaty Styrofoam on my legs) and Dad changed the oil, it was a little after 2. Then (with Styrofoam in the back and off my legs!) we were finally off!

The Drive went pretty well. I had this grand scheme where I was going to hunker down and really tackle my writing. But I over loaded my computer by opening up WAY to many Girl Genius (a really good web comic I was wanted to read) and it sucked up my battery then crashed my computer.

But other than that, and getting a little lost on some of the back roads, Oh, and it some how taking almost 10 hours instead of 6, everything went relatively smoothly. Here a montage of picture!

DSC06523 DSC06524 DSC06528 DSC06542 DSC06539 DSC06538 DSC06546 DSC06553 DSC06525 DSC06537

The furry rainbow consuming my body is the cheer weasel I’ve been working on. I was a little chilly and so wrapped it around myself, I was happy!

We finally made it to Bethany’s aunts house late that night, in the rain, and we all stumbled inside and crashed.

Next morning, after a lovely breakfast severed by our gracious hosts, the first part of the day was spent something like this…

DSC06560 DSC06559

Zelda wii! That was fun, especially hanging out, laughing and coming up with funny voices for the NPCs

Then, around 1:30 we went to the place Bethany’s uncle works at, where they engineer diesel engines. And we got to go for a ride with someone who was testing out one of the engines. It was fun because there were a lot of nobs (that I wasn’t suppose to touch) and sitting in the back made it feel like a space ship.

DSC06565 DSC06570 DSC06571 DSC06573

I got to pull the big truck horn. I was proud of myself.

On the way back to the aunt’s house for a delicious lunch and a bit of relaxing, we stopped off at a little spot were a piece of Chihuly’s (a famous glass artist) work was hanging from a ceiling. The Glass Garden I believe.


5:30 or so the boys went on the tour of the diesel engineering place, but us girls weren’t so interested, so we found a big antique mall to hang out at. Only, I didn’t get to look all the enormous amounts of cool old stuff. Because after trying on a few hats (See!)

DSC06582 DSC06583    I. Found. The. Books.

Not only that, but they were old books. And so I spend the measly hour we had before the store closed, hid away with one of the booths filled with books new and old. But mostly old. Alas, it was not enough time to even begin looking at what I wanted to see. There were several that seemed interesting, like The Six-Cylinder Courtship, 19o7. Which I read through some, and it had lovely pages. But woe to me! for the store was closing and the pages had to stop turning. With sighs of longing and lamenting as I went, I was forced to leave my little paradise without one book in my hand. There was just not enough time to properly pick out a book I would really like and care about. With head low and a childish pout on my face, I rejoined everyone else. As fate would have it though, while the aunt was bring the car to the front (it was raining something awful) I decided to have a quick look around while we waited. And guess what I found? Pinocchio! A very old-looking Pinocchio (While the original story was written 1881, my brothers and I are guess this particular copy was published just after the turn of the century, due to the pictures.) Anyway, I decided it would be mine! And so it is, and has not disappointed. I’ll have to do a fun review of it, along with some of my other old books.

DSCI0005 DSCI0010 DSCI0011

The day wound down from there. We had some ice cream, played Zelda a bit more, took naps, chilled out, and had a game of domino’s (I won the second time!)

Well, let us see what tomorrow holds, shall we?

Read the next day here.


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