Road Trip Adventure Day 2

Day 2! Woot woot!

One thing I found I really like about this trip is being able to lounge around in the mornings, and not have to go feed animals. Today we did make it out a little earlier, and dressed as pirates too! (except for  Jeremiah who said he was a pirate in disguise.) We like to do this thing where we randomly dress in costumes, or something out of the ordinary, when we’re going somewhere together.

DSC06595 DSC06600

Off we went to Nashville Indiana to walk around all the cool shops, and feel dramatic in our costumes. But first we stopped in this cool library with an amazing stair rail and a cool sitting area.

DSC06607 DSC06608


Nashville has a really cool downtown with tons of crafty shops, antique stores, sock shops, and neat stuff like that. We walked around, looked at stuff, talked to people, took pictures and had fun.

DSC06617 DSC06619 DSC06632 DSC06636

There was a store just for socks, which I found humorous. We stopped in an art gallery and Jubal played the grand piano. Pictures with statues were taken, and candy was gotten. One of the coolest things were these bells in a leather shop, it made an absolutely outer worldly, beautiful sound when it rang. I think they were enchanted elf bells.

DSC06638 DSC06630 DSC06620 DSC06631

DSC06647 DSC06643DSC06642DSC06621 Hehe, pretty bells.

We had a little picnic in the car on our way to a very neat miniature store ( and stuff for doll houses.) Look at my awesome sandwich I made!

DSC06656 DSC06658

The miniature shop was amazing! we got lots of good pictures! those things can get tiny!

DSC06670 DSC06671 DSC06673 DSC06676 DSC06675 DSC06669 DSC06667 DSC06663 DSC06662 DSC06677 DSC06679 DSC06680

Amazing right? I could only look at it for so long before I was itching to go look at the antique store I’d spied on the way in. And when the others finally came over to get me, they found me like this..

.DSC06684 (sssss my precious!) Yes, I’d found the old books again. These are the oldest I’ve found too. A David Copperfield from 1870 and some school-house books from about the same time. They were very falling apart, and I don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on old books, so I didn’t get any. But I did get this super neat flat top feather hat from 1920-30ish.


After all the shopping was done and we’d hang around the house for a bit, we were suppose to go to a little open mic music get together thing. Only, nobody was there. We had to ask the janitor if we were in the right spot. He just shook his head and said, “Nobody has ever showed up for one of these.”

So we decided to be the first, and got on the little stage to play a few songs.

DSC06694 DSCI0014 DSC06701 DSC06691

After that we all headed over to this terrific ice cream soda shop that was started in 1900. It’s got incredible old soda fountain they use (and some for display) and the fascinating player piano’s along with other instruments that maniacally play themselves. More pictures!

DSCI0027 DSCI0021 DSCI0019 DSC06715 DSCI0018 DSC06708 DSCI0022 DSC06710 DSC06707 DSC06712

Cool isn’t it? Day ended with Indiana corn and s’mores! Time to pack for the long drive to Virginia tomorrow.

(Pictures mostly credited to Bethany Morrison.)

Read the next day here!


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