Road Trip Adventure Day 3



Driving driving driving.

Cramped legs, tired eyes.

Board head, clouds spying.

Want to sleep, time creeping by.

Driving driving driving.

DSCI0051  DSCI0065 DSCI0057 DSC06528 DSCI0056 DSCI0062 DSC06780


Board board board

Want to write, battery dying.

Picture taking, people snore.

More food, no dieting.

Board board board.


DSCI0070 DSCI0089 DSCI0088 DSCI0060

Nap nap nap.

Come awake, where are we?

Make a stop, wear my hat.

start laughing, a little more happy.

Nap nap nap

DSC06740 DSC06759 DSCI0126 DSC06765 DSC06758



Waiting waiting waiting

Are we there yet? How much longer?

Pretty mountains, light fading.

Almost there, we’re a little bonkers.

Waiting waiting waiting.

DSCI0171 DSC06796 DSCI0190

Sleeping sleeping sleeping

We made it, what a relief.

Talking to family, dinner eating.

Get ready, make it to DC in one piece.

Sleeping sleeping sleeping.


Read next day here!


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