Road Trip Adventure Day 4

After a long ride into town, we had to wake up before the rooster’s crow to catch the train.

DSC06807 DSC06810

Off to the nations capital, dressed all right and square. A long bumpy ride to the station, and wait for the train there.

DSC06852 DSC06938 DSC06848 DSC06941

DSC06946 DSC06932

Touring the museums to see what we can see, all dressed in our silly theme. From deep sea to extincted,  and giant mammals to little old cars. We wondered and look, stepping back in history a little more. Paintings from hands six hundred years dead, and beast still around but standing still instead.

DSC06836 DSC06834 DSC06839 DSC06833 DSC06843 DSC06871 DSC06879 DSC06869 DSC06876 DSC06883

DSC06887 DSC06904 DSC06914 DSC06925 DSC06907    DSC06929

The day wore on ’til our feet were tired and sore. The water well we had not drank enough from, and our heads let us know it all the more. On our way back we spied great buildings against the sky.

DSC06850 DSC06851 DSC06854

A bit of an upset stomach on the train ride back, but that soon past. Made it through the rough hills of traffic in one piece, and relaxed with relatives. Good night rooster, until tomorrow again we meet.

Read the next day here!


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