Road Trip Adventure Day 5

Today was a sleeping in day. But after several days of constant travel and activity, we needed it. So we spent the morning being lazy and visiting with cousins and aunt, (and also plotting how to be movie stars.) We then spent an hour and a half looking at the neat shops downtown Fredericksburg. It was not enough time to see all the cool shops, so we must go back tomorrow. I also noticed Fredericksburg seems to be made up of antique shops, which is quite interesting, and something I don’t mind all that much. In the short time we were there I did mange to find a handful of things I really liked, such as an elegant tea stirring spoon and, of course, another old book. This one entitled Hero Tales From History, 1922. I didn’t get a picture of anything I just talked about, so I’m going to put up completely random and unrelated items here instead.

DSCI0058 DSCI0068

DSCI0062 DSCI0069

We left a little late, mostly the fault of us girl (but they had books!) to head over to a friend’s house. But we did make it and had an absolutely lovely time. There was a game we played called Man Bites Dog, which is where you get a handful of cards and you have to make a ridiculous newspaper head line out of it. With at least three of us being writers, and one being an x-newspaper man, it was quite entertaining. We had pizzas and talked about books, our eventual take over of the world, and hopefully I didn’t embarrassed myself to bad. Anyway I need to leave now, and I don’t when I’ll return, perhaps in a day, perhaps eternity. So promise me one thing. You have to promise, do it for me. I want you to fulfill my parting request. Promise, that you will go and read the blogs, and possibly books of my amazing two author friends. John C. Wright  And L. Jagi Lamplight

Farewell friends!

Read the next day here!


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