Road Trip Adventure Day 6

Today went a good deal like yesterday. More time to walk around the charming town of Fredericksburg.

DSCI0001 DSCI0007 DSCI0002 DSCI0006

DSCI0030 DSCI0027 DSCI0031 DSCI0028

We had time to go in lots more neat stores, with neat stuff like the wooden sunglasses and the llama pillows. And of course, antique stores. While the boys stopped in an army surplus store I went to look at the antique mall next door because 1) the army store smelled funny and 2) I didn’t particularly interested in the looking at old army stuff. I would much rather be old dress stuff, and I did! like this one…

DSCI0004     And some more…

DSCI0016 DSCI0010 DSCI0019 DSCI0051

I wanted SO bad to try some on, but alas, we did not have time  Also, I found crazy hats at some other places. They’re quite the hats.

DSCI0015 DSC06986 DSCI0046 DSC06985 DSCI0044 DSCI0042

These are some other cool things we ran into. The copper windmill is actually a music box, it plays one of those haunting, yet beautiful tones that fascinates me. It was quite neat.  

DSC06983 DSC06982 DSCI0034 DSC06991

A truly lovely town, and I’m glad we got to spend a bit more time in it. I went in one tea store while the others were looking at someplace else. It was quite fancy and had good teas from the sample I tried, but is was either a rather experience can of loose leaf, or a cup to-go. I didn’t get any, but later I was glad I didn’t because I found an even better tea store later that suited me much better. The others were looking at the candy store, and I stepped into the tea shop, and somehow instantly made a new friend, (shout out to Genevieve! Hope I’m spelling that right.) She was very helpful, and we chatted as she showed me all their cool teas. In the end I settled on a root beer tea, which I can not wait to try! It smells amazing!

Anyway, after town we stopped off to deliver some rare and irreplaceable information to a pentagon official. A.K.A, We dropped of some super 8 film to our papa and visited a bit. 

We ate lunch and it was off to Lake Anna. We had been invited by our dear friends the Wrights to cook-out and hang-out with them and a bunch of their friends. It was a superbly splendid time in which we swam, ate food, and discussed superheros and politics, (sometimes at the same time.) We also talked about books and all that surround them, because there were, What? Six or more writers there, including me. Although the difference between them and I is that most of them are published. But I’m working on it! It’s so much fun to hang out with smart people, and entertaining people, and people who just so happen to be some of my favorite author and are all around awesome people! They’re really are a blessing… or a curse if you need to live your life but are stuck in one of their awesome books. I wish I’d got more pictures, but I do have one of me and Autumn. She’s deaf, but very sweet, and our faces kinda look alike!


After many hours, and several s’mores, we left to meet up with our cousins to get delicious ice cream at a place called Carl’s. Yay for attempts at ice cream selfie with my cousin Rachel!

DSCI0058 DSCI0059


Read the next day here!


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