Road Trip Adventure Day 7

Woke up early to pack and drive to Stanton to make it to the 11:30 mass, at the beautiful St. Francis of Assisi catholic church. Isn’t it pretty?

DSCI0080 DSCI0078 DSCI0077

We had planned on just sitting around, but that was before we discovered that many shops were only going to be open Sunday, but not this Monday. Due to some weird weekend thing. I didn’t feel like changing out of my Sunday dress so after a quick lunch we headed out. On the way Bethany and I found flowers, and made the boys wait while we arranged them in our hair.

DSC07006 DSC07007 DSC07008 DSC07009

I believe I once saw somewhere that said:

Women and cats will do as they please.                                                 And men and dogs just have to deal with it.

This, I think, was one of those times.

Staunton has loads of beautiful old buildings, (that I will soon bombard you with) It was first settled in 1732 by John Lewis and family, and has stuck around since.

DSCI0120 DSCI0122 DSCI0113 DSCI0118 DSCI0112 DSCI0104 DSCI0121 DSCI0129 DSCI0114 DSCI0106 DSCI0071 DSCI0073 DSC07014 DSCI0070 DSCI0097 DSCI0131

DSCI0095 DSCI0096 DSCI0115 DSCI0086 DSC07040 DSC07019 DSCI0083 DSCI0076 DSCI0081

As we walked, I found a cool lamp-post, and outside of a toy store were hundreds of bubbles! I fear I have not grown up, and probably never will. Because as soon as I saw the bubble, bobbing on the sidewalk like a sea of sparkles, I immediately rushed over to jump around it them and pop as many as I could.

DSCI0091 DSCI0084 DSCI0090

I think we spent the most time in the toy store (is that a bad thing?) And I found an old friend, Mr. big giraffe.

DSC07023 DSC07026 DSCI0111 DSCI0110

When I was young I always wanted one of those giraffes. I wanted to sit on it and play on it and it would be my friend. But it was $99.99 dollars, which Mom was not going to spend on a silly little big giraffe. Now every time I see one of those giraffes I am reminded of that childhood memory.

Oh, and there were crayon rocks!


Through glass stores, antique malls, and parks (with ducks) we gallivanted.

DSC07043 DSC07067 DSCI0099 DSCI0100 DSCI0102 DSC07042 DSC07030 DSC07029 DSC07027

Then it was time to go home for dinner and some ice cream. Also, I made a funny hat out of a wicker basket top thing.

DSCI0135 DSCI0137

 Read the next day here!


8 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventure Day 7

  1. I was reading another blog (I think it was John C. Wright’s) that recommended this one a while back, so I put it into my feed … and promptly forgot about it. This night I finally decided to read it and, as it is reasonably new, start from the beginning. I’ve read the whole thing. Like those books that enchant you, you’ve drawn me in and held me tight – a fact I find very curious as most blogs like these tend to lose me after a few paragraphs.

    Very good work, and I look forward to being a frequent reader.

    • Thank you so much! I think it may have been Lamplight’s blog, John’s wife, that recommended my blog when I first got started. She’s a good friend and was kind enough to give me a shout out! (They’re both amazingly awesome people and writers, by the way, and you should totally read ALL their books if you haven’t already.) I so glad you gave my blog a look and enjoyed my writing enough to start checking in regularly. I do try to write in he least boring way possible, and it’s good to now it worked. However I will be very busy for the next couple week, so I’ll let you know ahead of time that my posts will be rather lax for a while. But I am trying to finish putting up the posts about our road trip, and also throw up a short story I have laying around. Hopefully that will be enough to hold you over until I return:)
      Thank you again dear edwardtherese, and may you always read with wonder!
      A. M. Freeman

      • Ah, yes … Another great blog. Mr. Wright, apart from writing a very thought-provoking blog himself, has a knack for leading people (or me, at least) to other worthwhile reads. He led me to his wife’s blog, who then turned me to this one.

        He is also quite blessed to know such intelligent women.

        I actually did plan to start reading his fiction, but didn’t know where to start (and hadn’t gotten around to looking up a list). Now I think I’ll start with the Chronicles of Chaos, based on your mention and a quick scan of it on Amazon. Super-powered teenagers? I’m on board.

        Looking forward to whatever you post, whenever you post it.

        – Edward Therese Jr.

        • Ah yes, the Chaos books are VERY good, I’d also suggest the Golden Age (which is a little more si-fi where as Chaos tends towards fantasy) as a good place to start.

          Also you must read some of Mrs Wrights writing. The Prospero’s Daughter series is one of my all time favorite books ever! The first book, Prospero Lost, is a little bit slower then the second two, but don’t worry, it gets REALLY awesome.

          (As a side note, I just realize how many typos were in my first response, to which I apologize. It seems not matter how many times I look over something, there always are tons of typos. Maybe in my next adventure with the Muse and Dude, we shall vanquish some typos. Muhahaha!)

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