Road Trip Adventure Day 8

Our. Last. Day. Pretty simple, go to the library, go to the shops down town, and try to find a trolley to ride on.

We found this one place with a TON of sunglasses and funny clothes

DSCI0196 DSCI0200 DSCI0197 DSCI0212 DSCI0201 DSCI0203 DSCI0216

Jubal had some funny outfits going on too.

DSC07094 DSC07124 DSC07118 DSC07114 DSC07123

Also hats. Lots and lost of hats. (prepare yourself)

DSCI0169 DSCI0280 DSCI0278 DSCI0276 DSCI0265 DSCI0257 DSCI0255 DSCI0254 DSCI0252 DSCI0250 DSCI0249 DSCI0247 DSCI0242 DSCI0239 DSCI0236 DSCI0235 DSCI0234 DSCI0233 DSCI0232 DSCI0229 DSCI0228 DSCI0227 DSCI0222 DSCI0211 DSCI0296 DSCI0209 DSCI0205 DSCI0188 DSCI0187 DSCI0176 DSCI0175 DSCI0174 DSCI0173 DSCI0171 DSCI0170 DSCI0279

A few times I got bored with making the same face, so there are a couple funny faces thrown in.

In Staunton, there’s this amazing little ice cream shop called Split Banana. It’s ice cream is amazing and it has some very yummy flavors, like PB&J. I got black raspberry chocolate and butter pecan. It was so good, I was half way through mine before I remembered to take a picture.


I found this really cool wedding dress that looks like it would fit in a fairy tale.

DSCI0189 DSCI0190 DSCI0191

More random pictures!

DSCI0157 DSCI0160 DSCI0161 DSCI0195 DSCI0238 DSCI0241 DSCI0243 DSCI0245 DSCI0259 DSCI0260 DSCI0263 DSCI0272 DSCI0287 DSCI0293 DSCI0304DSCI0290

The last thing I was determined to do was find a trolley to ride back to the library on. We waited for a while at one stop, then decided to wait at a different stop. But as we were leaving, I kept an eye on the last place we were. And I’m glad I did, because just as we were about to round a corner a trolley came up. Haha! Mission completion!

DSCI0327 DSCI0329 DSCI0332 DSCI0333 DSCI0340


Read the last day here!



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