Road Trip Adventure Ends!

Yes, it has ended. And my apologies for the last few posts taking so long, I got very busy when I got back. Life of a farmer, you know.

Anyway, Tuesday we got in the car for the eight hour trip home, and drove and drove.

Hey Jeremiah, are you happy to be driving home?


Agreed, we need to get that teleportation device working. But I am happy to be on my way home.


It wasn’t too bad. We stopped at a Big Lots in Knoxville, Tenseness. Got some candy and stuff for sandwiches, and had a little parking-lot picnic.

DSCI0359 DSCI0361 DSCI0363

Then stopped at this awesome book store called McKays. And I got more books! Especially since there was a free book box outside the store.

DSCI0367 DSCI0369

I also got a little beetle friend, that no matter what, always would shows up again.


We got home, Yay! And I went out to see my ponies. It was a good day.

DSCI0389 DSCI0398


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