Take a Stand, Take a Knee, and Pray.

Some of you may have heard of the “Black Mass” scheduled for September 21 at a civic center in Oklahoma at 7:00. Read more Here.


This is a horribly profane blasphemy against the catholic mass, the church, and Christians everywhere. In this “Black Mass” they are supposedly going to take a consecrated Host, which IS the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and do profane, unspeakable things to it as a slap in the face to all Christendom and as a sacrifice to Satan. And try to perform an exorcism on a person to remove the Holy Spirit. Though I doubt they could remove God’s presence from someone. Since the only way to lose the Holy Spirit once it has been given to a person, is for that person to reject it. Which in our human ways is very easy to do, but the subject must be willing.

The city officials are allowing this to take place in a public civic center to, as Daniels, the guy in charge, says “to educate the public about my religion.”
And to quote, The sponsoring group has said the event is modified to comply with laws regarding “nudity, public urination and other sex acts.”

Can you see how bad this thing is? Not only that, but by worshiping the devil they invoke his power. Thus bring upon themselves, and those around them, extreme spiritual danger, and perhaps dire consequences.

The odd thing I find is that the Satanists seem not to believe in existence of God, or any other gods for that matter. I don’t know how they can twist their minds to such a level that they could believe in Satan and discard the God, when to two have so much to do with each other. Or perhaps they just use Satan as a symbol, and don’t actually believe in him either, but use the conveniently crafted idea of him to represent whatever their twisted cause is. Also, I find this interesting, if they do not believe in gods and say that they are a fictional creation of a human mind; why do they feel the need to worship a being that, in a way, could be a god?

Whether they truly believe in it or not, the question of why they wish to worship still stands. The answer is simple. It is because we are all wired and made for God, and our “hearts are restless until they rest in him”. Those Satanists are simply trying to fill that desire and restlessness with false promises, which the devil is the master of. And while everyday thousands try to fill their longing for God with worldly things (ie. money, power, possessions.) This is more dangerous because it is a direct invitation to the dark spirits of fallen angels and Lucifer himself. And whether everyone believes in this or not does not change the fact that it is real. It’s just so hard to see it in our material world.

Didn’t anyone every tell these guys that Satan is the bad guy? Master of all deceit, lies, evil, death, and can seriously screw you up?

Back on subject though, as warriors of Christ will are called to do something, especially when such a thing is thrown in a public view.

The Oklahoma Officials with the city run civic center have refused to cancel the event, although there have received many pleas, emails, phone calls, and petitions requesting it be stopped. They seem to think it’s a matter of freedom of speech and can’t do anything about it or don’t want to get their hands dirty in a lawsuit. But do they really think it’s a good idea to let people worship Satan in the open like that? Even if they don’t, it seems that their hands may be tied in red tape, because the lady in charge said, “The city of Oklahoma City and the Civic Center are required by law to rent space to individuals and organizations so long as they comply with our policies and ordinances and have paid the established rental fees.”

But we, as the church militant and warriors for Christ, must defend his Holy name with fasting and prayer. Take up arms on a spiritual level, to fight against this spiritual danger. Do not be lazy or too “busy” as we have a tendency to do, but, as with all the attacks against us, the best advantage we have is through earnest and diligent prayer. The Lord has promised to answer us in our needs, so let us call!

What we must do then, brothers and sisters, is stand against this with prayer and fasting, and not to be afraid to take it to the public square. Archbishop Paul has called for Catholics everywhere to hold a holy hour of adoration on the same day and hour as this blasphemy will be taking place.  The archbishop also will hold a Holy Hour and an outdoor Eucharistic Procession and Benediction at Oklahoma City’s St. Francis of Assisi Church that day. And if I lived there I might think about getting a bunch of people to be outside or near the civic canter to pray the rosary.

I am answering the call and have dedicated time to pray the rosary every morning and evening against profanity against out Lord. I have also signed a petition requesting this to stop. And if you’d like to as well, click  here. I encourage you, I plead to you, please call out to our loving God for his divine innervation, pray, fast, and spread the word. Show the world we will not be still!

Take a stand, take a knee, and fight for the kingdom of God!




2 thoughts on “Take a Stand, Take a Knee, and Pray.

  1. As best as I can tell, Satanist are largely brats. I haven’t done extensive research, but all of the secondary sources I read make them sound like nothing more than rebellious teenagers – not that they are actually all teenagers, but their general tone is like that of a teenager who does drugs and hangs out with a bad crowd solely to shock and annoy their parents. This is a rebellion … against religion in general, I guess, Christianity and Catholicism in particular, with the shock value taken up to eleven. After all, what’s more shocking that intentionally consorting with the source of all evil?

    So … brats.

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