Update, Every Day Adventures

Through mountains and valleys, fields and cities,

To tour new places and help those in need.

Through long traveling and sleeping on a bus,


Oh my, I’ve been gone for a nearly month!

Between the road trip with my brothers and the mission trip with the youth group, I’ve been gone traveling for nearly a month. And although I did manage to follow our road trip, I have not had time to get anything really good up in a while. Funny, I thought the summer was going to be a perfect time to get a lot done with my writing and my horses. That’s the last time I go on a month-long vacation!

Despite being gone so long, I think it was well worth it. Because for the mission trip we were up in New Jersey, which is the farthest north in the states I’ve every been. Then I came home and remembered just how hot the south is sometimes! But not before staying a couple of days after the mission work was done to go to the Jersey shore and into New York City!

Empire state building, Yay!

DSCI0019 DSCI0031

Libraries and tall buildings and taxis…. Yay!

DSCI0020 DSCI0043 DSCI0021 DSCI0011

Time Square and LOTS of people, Yay!

DSCI0263 DSCI0170

More pictures! Yay!

DSCI0197 DSCI0135 DSCI0131

And just for laughs!










Well now that the big, far away adventures are done, it’s time to get back in the routine of farm life, and my little every day adventures.

See, I’d be perfectly happy if I didn’t go on another big vacation for another couple of years, because there are so many little things going on around me everyday. I like to call these little adventures, but really it’s just the things that make life beautiful and exciting and sometimes crazy.

Now since I live on a farm, I may have it a bit easier to find these little things then, say, your typical suburbanite. I could tell you tons of stories of chasing loose horses around the back roads ’til 2:00 am, the crazy things we do while dumping chickens, the fearsome battle of me and that frozen water trough, sorting rabbits, finding live birds in the wall or keeping the flies at bay in our old farm-house kitchen, and so on and so on. But I’m sure if you look you can find little things that make life interesting, too.

Everyday can be an adventure in many little ways, you’ve just got to get good at finding them. And if you’re a writer, like me, then you can enter into your own worlds to find adventure. Which, by the way, it feels sooooooo good to be writing again! After losing part of my current novel, then taking time off to write a short story, and being so busy traveling, I’ve hardly worked on my book at all. I left my laptop safe at home while in New Jersey. ( I had to get used to using it once I got back, which felt kinda weird for a second.)  I managed to write handful of pages on the story, total of 2,040 words. But that’s not very much for a month or two.

Well now that I’m back it’s time to get back in the flow of things, dance season will be starting up soon, I’ve got horses to train (and sell), writing to catch up on, and I will be trying to enjoy as much sunny warmth before winter hits. I love going new places, but there’s always so much to do here. Ah well, let the, little, adventures begin!

And as they say in the cartoons… That’s all for now folks!



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