When a Stranger Comes Tapping, Part Three

Dust settles over our heroes as they return, stumbling and coughing to their feet. The forth wall has just exploded and rocked their world…  

*Cough cough* Muse! *Cough* Muse where are you?

^I’m over here! just stay there I’m coming^

“Are you well Miss April?”

What? oh yeah I’m good. Can you see Muse? I can’t see anything through this fog.

“No I… Wait, here he comes.”

*Muse comes staggering over, wet and unhappy*

Oh good, you’re okay.

^I’m wet^

Yeah but-

^I am wet^

Okay, anyway-

^I. Am. Wet.^

Fine. stop complaining. *Picks up a hair dryer, puts it on high and blasts Muse into a dry fluff ball* Better now?

*Muse glares unpleasantly. For cats are rarely ever pleased.*

“Wait, where did you get that?” *Dude looks around him then at the hair dryer* “I didn’t see it there before.”

I dunno, just wanted to be there I guess.

^We must be out of the Writing Update section, you have more literary control here^

Really? Okay let me try something.

I looked around at my companies. Muse was busy smoothing his black hair back into place and flapping his wings, but I noticed his eyes kept shifting to the white, empty space around us. Dude, now that I could get a good look at him, was in a tall, thin and wore a slightly soiled suit. In his hands he held his scuffed up top hat, looking at me expectantly.

“That’s better,” I said with a nod, “now I can actually see you.”

“Very good indeed,” Dude smiled, then lokked down and said in dismay, “Oh my, my hat!”

“That’s what you get when you fight monsters, soiled hats,” Muse said with a snort as he came to join us, sitting up regally with his silky tale wrapped around his paws. He looked at me expectant, “wouldn’t you mind crating a landscape of us, it’d rather not spread another minute in this beastly voyd if I can help it.”

I stared at him, “What have you say?”

Dude blinked. He opened his mouth but all that come out was a swayback. I looked at my friends, confused and alarmed, “Something wronge.”

“Well what con we do?” he put his arms up like a boxer and looked around, “I don’t see anythings.”

“No, it’s mush trickier then that,” Muse said, his cat eeys shifting suspiciously. But then again,, they alwats seemed to be doing that.

“Wait, this seems farrmilar,” I shut my eyes tigh and tryed to focued. Mixed up, misspelled, misread words, things not coming out rigt. it was my old enimie come for me.

From the white shadows goastly letters floated down, they were twisted and wronge. I drew a sword, that looking very muhc like a mouse cursor.

“Typos,” I hosed, “Hava yu come for my?”

THe typos, silent and almot invisable, slipped arownd my friends. Muse and dude tryed to say something nd fight back, but all that come out thw gibberish

“wheres orange og?” Dude say, jumped away from shadows.

“do ou date ouy hary firth, I jest get me cot up!” Muse pouched pu and hissed.

“You know, I REELY hates youse guyie,” I said, swung my sword and kocking out a dozen at a time. “There I think I got them,” I said through my pants.

Dude strightened his suit and smiled “My, that’s a lot butter.”

“But not there yet,” I muttered, “the typos are always there, hiding, no matter how many times I looking for them. The are soooooo annoying.”

Muse strutted over and sat at my feet. Pretended to admire his paw he said, “Then give us some of those fancy sorwds, we’ll help you scout around until all those ugly, disturbing tyops are gone.”

“If such a thing where possible,” I muttered. Muse whopped me with his tail, which felt like getting slapped with a a feather. “No down moods,” he scolded, “it’s bad for my temper.”

“Fiiine,” I sighed, making cursor swords appear in there hands. Together we seahed around the white space, and with each kill I grew stronger and our words become clearer. Finally, when there were no more to find for a long time, we called it quites, but I still wasn’t convinced. I was sure there were still some out there, following us and waiting.

Muse tossed his sword away with disdain, “Well now that that’s over, will you please give us some landscape? I believe I did said I hate this place, it’s too dull.”

I looked around the whiteness, “You’re right, this is boring. Follow me then.” I waved a hand at them and walk over to the door with a big “Exit” sign over it.

Dude gawked and stumbled after me, “Where… where did that come from!?”

I smirked at him, “Come on, you’re in my world now. If you’re gonna jump at every little thing we’ll never get anyway, and it’ll be hardly as much fun.”

Muse added, as he gracefully flew up to my shoulder, “You were the one who came up to us with a quest or some such, remember? This is an adventure, enjoy it.”

I touched the knob and the door flew open, “Adventure Ho!” I shouted as we tumbled into a new land.

To Be Continued… 

Part Two                                                                                          Part Four


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