Autumn’s Greeting

My calender says it’s the first day of Autumn.

The world seems to agree.

The sun is shining, but a crisp wind tickles my feet.

The leaves have not turned but they will soon follow,

As Summer turns to Winter through the Autumn.

For now the world is in between, not one and not yet the other.

Autumn teases me, giving a taste of what’s to come;

Long Winter days tucked in bed with a steaming mug.

But the sun has not gone.

It lingers still,

Warming the air against the wind and reminding us of what has been.

Hot days, burning skin, water so cool, looking for a swim;

Now Summer’s light begins to fade.

Winter’s slumber is on it’s way,

So little Autumn comes out to play.

He dances with the warmth of the sun and tickles with the chill of the wind.

Though not as big as the ones he greets or bids good day,

He’s still fun and strong in his own way.

Much like his sister, Spring, but we will get to her another day.

So he comes,

With the chilled kiss of Winter and the warmth of the sun,

And I will greet him.

In my bare feet and warm sweater under leaves that fall,

Or in the warming sun with the wind running along my naked arms,

Together we’ll play until his time is done.

Kites, pumpkins, hay rides, hot apple cider,

Laughter, Thanksgiving, leaf piles, light sweater weather.

His course will be run; his song will be sung,

Until the last leaf has fallen;

The sun sleeps forgotten.

When winter sweeps him away and wraps the world in her cold embrace.

But for now it is his turn to be the prince,

To dance and play where he may wish.

I will welcome him with open arms,

And once again hear his song.

We will play until he fades again, away into his sleeping home.

He’ll let the seasons have their turns to bring mischief and joy to our changing world.

Until it is his time again and he comes bouncing back around;

A whole new dance in his head…







2 thoughts on “Autumn’s Greeting

  1. Unless you’re around the Dakota area, then Winter shouldered Autumn out of the way and pushed him to the ground.

    Autumn is easily my favorite season, and one during which my writing becomes most feverish. This is a lovely greeting for such a wonderful time.

    • What a shame, Winter is much more patient here in the south. I agree, there is something about fall that makes you want to write. Lucky for me, when I was writing in the summer it was summer for my characters as well. And now that it is fall, they also happen to be in fall:)

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