Writing Update, My Wandering Way of Writing

Update, update, where are my updates? First off, how is your writing going? Any goals accomplished?

Me? Well, I’d say that about 50% of the time when I have written, I’ve gotten to my 500-words-a-day goal since my last update. So maybe I should pull out the Cursor Sword again…

But recently, I’ve also discovered something about the way I write.

First you should know, I don’t really plot out much. Usually I just have a general idea of what’s going to happen in my head, before I sit down to write. However, in my work-in-progress-novel I’ve just gotten past the parts that I had slightly more planned out in  my head. But I’ve found that, even though I have an idea of where the story is going, some scenes and transitions I write are rather… well, lagging. And as a reader, I would probably yawn trough them.

So I end up just changing it right then, write it in a completely different way and see how it looks. I’ve done this two or three times now. I’ll look at something and say, “Nope, that’s no good,” scrap it, and try another way. But I’ll also paste the section I’m reworking to a document marked “deleted scenes” in case what I try doesn’t work or I want to pull something from the first one.

The other thing about it, is that this can completely change the mood or details of the plot. So I can’t really just go back and fix up the wording on a slow passage later, because it’s the story I’m tweaking as well. It’s almost like I’m trying on clothes to see what fits; if I write something that’s not working I put it away and try again, until something does.

Or maybe it’s like a game of Hot and Cold. Where you wander blindly around a room looking for something while someone helps you find it by shouting out different temperatures, depending where you are. Either way, I’ve never come across any sort of technique like this before in any of my reading or conversations. And I started doing this not entirely on purpose. So it made me wonder, how many other people do this? Is this just so common that no one really talks about it? Or is it odd to try out several different scenes before moving on?

Well, it actually doesn’t really matter to me what the populace may say. It’s working for me for now, so I’ll stick with it.

Speaking of the Hot and Cold game, I bet that’s what Muse does most of the time. Sure sometimes he’ll lead me to the right box of magical words when he’s feeling nice, or bored, or generous, or whatever butterfly-winged cats feel. But most of the time, I bet he’s just toying with me….. (suspicious look in his direction.)

images (55)                                                              Yes…. I love you too.



5 thoughts on “Writing Update, My Wandering Way of Writing

  1. I don’t do a whole lot of reworking of scenes, although one does stand out quite clearly in my mind, partly because the revision took so long, but mostly because it added a whole facet of narrative to that story and managed to clear up a plot point I wasn’t sure about. I could probably benefit from this more often.

    In general, though, my process (after getting the first few sparks of inspiration) is to set up the climax, main characters, and beginning, in no particular order. I might think of a few other details (usually a lot of them), but those are the ones I always have in my head before I begin writing.

    Given how much can change when you alter a scene for the better (like my vague example above), it can be hard to do so when later scenes depend on the tone and events in the altered scene, thus requiring one to retool most of the work. Your way might actually be better, a way to “measure twice, cut once,” with writing.

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