Writing Update…

What do you do, when you have no words left to use.

Find an idea, find a spark, look for something in the dark.

Uncover something interesting, coming to you from an angle unseen.



That will be my theme for today. How to keep yourself writing and creative, even if it’s writing about your lack of creativity. Take me for example. Earlier I was wandering around, occasionally asking whomever I happened to run into for their advise on a fresh topic for my post. What can I think up to go along with a writing update?

I thought I might write about goals again, since I have changed mine recently. Then I could tell everyone how, instead of aiming for 500 words a day, I now have a set amount of words I try for each week. It works better for me right now with my crazy dance schedule.

That would work. “I could do that,” I suggested to myself.

But Me, or Muse (I’m not sure which) said, “Yeah, but I’ve done something like that recently. I don’t feel like writing a whole post about the subject again.”

Mom suggested I talk about the different styles of illustrations in children’s books and how they fit with the writing. I considered this. I have been researching that area recently, since I’m hoping to publish some children’s books. But in the end, I decided I’d want to know more before I write on the topic.

Naturally, the only thing left to write about was the lack of having something to write about. All of us have those days where the words don’t come as easily, and the time you spend writing seems to crawl on, instead of bouncing along at a nice pace. On those days, I still try to write. In fact, those days are the reason I put myself on a schedule of writing everyday (or at least I try) so I can push past the bumps and move on with TOTALLY RUINING MY CHARACTERS LIVES! For a while, anyway.

For some, forcing down words doesn’t help. It may be better for them to take a short break and come back fresh. That’s perfectly fine for others, but that’s not quite how I work. You see, half of the battle for me sometimes is making time to sit down. Especially on off days, I need to work through it even if I’m slow. And when I sit at a keyboard, often things come up I had never considered or didn’t expect. Actually, this happens a lot.

You see, it just happen here. While I was writing this, not only did I go from no subject idea to about 416 words and a slightly coherent topic, but I just had another idea. I could do a completely un-book-related post along with my writing update. I could tell you about the chiropractor coming out to adjust my horse, or the “Blood Moon” that’s going to happen pre-dawn, or hamburgers. I’m in a rather  hamburger-y mood. Oh! I know, I could even talk about how much I kill my toes, and everything else really, with my dancing.

Yeah, I could give a bit of an update and then tell a little story from my life. I like that idea! Maybe I’ll keep that in my back pocket to use later, but for now… Hey look at that, I think I have a post. I knew it was out there. I could feel it, I just had to find it. What do you know ’bout that?

I think I even have a point, or a moral, or what-have-you: “Even when you think you’ve run out of creativity or ideas, it’s still there. You just have to poke around more and squint your eyes in different ways to find it.” -A. M. Freeman



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