Writing Update: Victory Over the Mouse in the Closest

This title means EXACTLY what it says. Today, let it be known to all God-fearing mice out there, that I will not allow you to go unnoticed. Already I have discharged one of your own, in a cruel, unimaginable way. You are not welcomed, in fact, you are defeated! And am VICTORIOUS! Never again shall you hide in my room, annoying me with your skit-scattering feet, messing with my things with your disgusting, gnawing teeth. Although you thought you were subtle, thought you could elude me by only letting me hear you a few times, before slipping into silence.  I noticed.

You were a nuisance, a bother, but I had better things to do than worry about you. So I set my trap, or rather, you set it. Your greed was your own undoing! I had set my box with its bit of cheez-its on the highest shelf in my closet, thinking it would be safe for the night, since I hadn’t heard you in quite some time. But in the morning, guess what I found? A hole in my box, that’s what! It was then that I knew it was war.

So I set my clever plan, and let the box wait for you to come back to it again. And although you did foil me once, mostly because I was not ready, (and I did NOT scream, it was an involuntary reaction of my vocal cords. It was!) it didn’t stop you from falling for it a second time. Ha! And that was your demise!

This time I was ready. I had a plastic tub to seal off the top when I heard you scratching from within, instead of a hastily grabbed roll of duck tape. Then I trapped you and took you outside, you had no idea what was in store! I found the cats, I poured some food to get them all together, then I shook you out. You jumped on one of the cats, and you were both stunned for a moment. You tried to escape, but she was on you and there was nowhere left to run!

She played with you. Letting you hop forward a few times, getting the taste of freedom in your stealing little mouth. But only to snatch you back, along with your hope. She batted you, and I laughed while I watched, until she got bored and with a crunch crunch you were gone.

This deserves a poem:

The Lone Mouse

You were here,

Now you’re not.


*                            *                                 *

Whew. Well now that that’s out of my system, I can move on with life. (I live in a very old farm-house, and these things happen.)

Anyway, more towards the subject of writing, which is what this blog is mostly about, I’ll give you a little update. I’ve at least gotten somewhere with my writing this week. Finished a chapter, revised another, started writing a neat short story I will have done later this week, and mostly wrote at least a little everyday. So, pretty good. But to do better my new goal is at least 2,000 words by next week.

Well, back into the wonderful world of words. Allon-sy!


14 thoughts on “Writing Update: Victory Over the Mouse in the Closest

  1. youre welcome hahah very funny very funny how do you know if it made my smile? i could have been crying about it hahahaha 🙂

  2. *Sigh*. I was rooting for the mouse. Not to come back, but to jump on the cat and then escape, leaving both parties to end their day in triumph.

    We do trap mice at home, and cleaning up after them is an awful mess (I particularly did not appreciate the coat collars chewed out for salt). But living in the country, I have the option of taking them to a nice field, well away. And so I do. Perhaps somewhere in that field, little mouse children are being told the story of the Great Feast, The Cage, and the Great Rumbling Beast. It reminds them to trust not that which seems too good to be true, as they keep an eye out for Those With Teeth. It reminds them that even for a little mouse, hunted by all, there may be grace and green fields.

    • Sadly, I am not as gracious when it comes to mice. We don’t have too many mice (I think) around our old farm house, so if we do catch one, it’s considered a treat for the cats. We do have fields and land, but that’s taken up by horses, so mice would probably get stepped on.

      But now I truly hope, out there somewhere, there is a family of mice telling there children those stories:)

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