My Late-Night Meandering Mind

Thoughts are funny things. And when combined with ideas, they can produce some…. interesting things. One thing they can do, is lead your mind in an odd selection of things. Jumping from one thing to another in a disconnected, yet somehow connected, way. Until you look from the first to the last and wonder how you got there.

Some examples are in these cable commercials. They are a little strange at times, but then again, the mind can be the way too; especially late at night, like it is right now. Just watch.

You see what I mean? It all starts in the same way, but the results vary from attending your own funeral as a guy named Phil Shiftily, to having a grandson with a dog collar, to being left on the moon.

I made up that last one, now watch me make up more! I will attempt the grab onto this train of thought, trying my hand at this, and see where it goes. And as a bonus it is very late at night….. or would it be early in the morning? I don’t know, the line is kinda blurry. But here you go…. Oh, might I add this is completely improvised, whatever comes to my mind will be what is down there, and no filters will be used.

When you get left on the moon, you live in a spaceship.                                                             When you live in a spaceship, you have all the time to yourself.                                          When you have all the time to yourself, you get lonely.                                                         When you get lonely, you make up people to talk to.                                                                   When you make up people to talk to, you go on imaginary adventures.                               When you go on imaginary adventures, you learn how to fix the spaceship.                             When you learn how to fix the spaceship, you fly home.                                                           When you fly home, you have no money (and your made up friends are still bugging you.) When you have no money, you have no friends. (Because your society is whacked up.) When you have no friends, you talk to your made up ones.                                                   When you talk to your made up friends, they fill your head with nonsense.                               When they fill you head with nonsense, you write it down to get it out.                               When you write it down, you get a book.                                                                                   When you write a book, you make it good.                                                                                 When you make it good, you sell it.                                                                                                 When you sell it, you make money.                                                                                             When you make money, you can stop living on the streets.                                                             When you stop living on the streets, you look like a normal human being.                           When you look like a normal human being, normal human beings will talk to you.           When normal human beings talk to you, you tell them you lived on the moon.                 When you tell them you lived on the moon, they think you’re a bit bonkers (Well, actually first they laugh, because they think you’re going along with your book. But when you assure them most soberly that you did indeed live on the moon, that they start backing away slowly.)                                                                                                                                             When they think you’re a bit bonkers, you start to question your sanity.                                   When you start to question your sanity, the pink, holographic elephants dance before you and tell you you’re fine.                                                                                                                           When  the pink, holographic elephants dance before you and tell you you’re fine, you shrug your shoulders and carry on with life.     


That got longer than I expected. But hey, look! It’s a story! And probably the shortest I’ve ever written. This is actually pretty interesting. I didn’t realize it when I started, but you could perhaps use this as a way of exploring your story and all the “What Ifs?” in it. I’m gonna have to try that now, see how it goes and maybe tell you guys about it. In the mean time, how about another story? This time Halloween flavored! ummmm yummy yummy! Er, sorry guys, the filter’s off.

When it’s Halloween, you want candy.                                                                                               When you want candy, you wear a costume.                                                                             When you were a costume, your friend calls you a sissy.                                                       When your friend calls you a sissy, you sock him in the mouth. (You also tell them Halloween rocks, because you’ve thrown on some junk from around the house, call yourself something you’re not, and people give you candy for that. I mean come on, free candy!)

When you sock him in the mouth, you get grounded.                                                          When you get grounded, you get grounded from Halloween.                                               When you get grounded from Halloween, you sneak out anyway. (Didn’t you hear me say the word free and candy in the same sentence?!)                                                                     When you sneak out anyway, you meet up with your friend. (He has come to his senses.) When you meet up with your friend, you make the rad-est costumes ever.                      When you make the rad-est costumes ever, you go trick-or treating.                              When you go trick-or-treating, you want all the candy.                                                              When you want all the candy, you go to all the houses.                                                                When you go to all the houses, that includes the old-scary one.                                                  When that includes the old-scary one, you remember the stories about it.                                  When you remember the stories about it, you tell them to each other.                                  When you tell them to each other, you get scared.                                                                    When you get scared, you chicken out.                                                                                        When you chicken out, you go back to the main street.                                                                    When you go back to main street, you see your parents.                                                          When you see your parents, you remember you’re grounded.                                                    When you remember you’re grounded, you know you are in trouble.                                        When you know you are in trouble, you get terrified.                                                                    When you get terrified, you turn and run the other way.                                                            When you turn and run the other way, you hide and disappear in the old-scary house.  And when you disappear into the old-scary house, you are never heard from again.

Wow, that turned creepy. I think both of my stories did that. (Are you trying to tell me something brain?)

This gave me some good bones to work off of. I think I will expand this one, since I was suppose to write something for a little Halloween blog hop I sighed up for, then completely forget about until two days before. If anything, I will use this story (Maybe expanded, maybe not,) and I think I will call it “The flavor of Halloween” because I have a feeling the house ate the boy.

Wait. I said this was going to be a Halloween flavored story at the beginning, didn’t I? Crap, that is creepy. Is that some sort of weird foreshadowing my brain decided to throw at me? Oh no, Muse is smiling at me. I don’t like that smile! Stop smiling! No, don’t… you…um… he’s gone. I’m scared now.

Perhaps that’s a sign that I should go to bed before the sun comes up, which is alarmingly soon. Well, I got a couple of stories, or at least the bones of them, and found an interesting new way of writing thing to play around with, all without any forethought at all. (Seriously guys, none. And to think I was having trouble coming up with something good to write about this week. I should just not sleep more often!) Not to bad for a days… nights…. (Somethings?) work.

Muse is back, and he has a friend…. Help!


8 thoughts on “My Late-Night Meandering Mind

  1. Let’s see, first you post commercials that are copying “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, then you copy the commercials, and finally you end up with a kid-eating house, which is copying “Monster House”.


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