Old Book Review: Lady Jane Grey

Title: Lady Jane Grey                                                                                                                          Author: Marguerite Vance                                                                                                           Illustrated by: Nedda Walker                                                                                                       Copyright: 1952

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The book, Lady Jane Grey, follows the short life of the young noble woman. It was an easy to read book and gave good insights to the trials and burdens of nobility Lady Jane Grey had to under go. Her fear of the crown is well stated throughout her life. And just when she thinks she is safe, her cousin, king Edward VI, dies. And do to the duke of Northumberland playing the political game, she was crowned queen.

Indeed she had many heart breaks, but she is such a gentle and kind soul you can’t help but root for her and hope things get better. Unfortunately, it never really does. It eventually ends when after only nine days of being queen, she is overthrown, imprisoned, and later found guilty of treason and behead. The book describes her in her last hours as still hold her head up, and even relieved she no longer had to deal with this life. It was still quite sad when the young sweet life, and the book, came to an abrupt stop.

If you want to learn about the life of the young queen, and want to more than just facts, this book gives you a clear picture of what she must have been like as a person.

I wonder how the writer of books like these are able she show you the character of the person they are writing about, and how they are thinking or feeling. I think it would be hard, trying to collect the information and tell it like they ha heard it from the person themselves. Maybe if they had kept a diary or something? However it’s done, it was pretty neat.

The other thing I found interesting was her prospective on the Reformation, and how it was perceived in her time. Since the book was more than facts, you can feel more of the tension between the Catholics and Protestants, or New Learning, as Lady Jane Grey refereed to it. Jane herself was raised Protestants and considered it the only true way and every thing else forbidden. But she was a Godly women and good christen. Although it was not very prominent in the story, it was still interesting to see it in the fringes. In one scene one of her tutors instructed her to put aside practicing and playing her musical interments. She is confused by this, but his reasoning is that such things are vain. Another example is when she visits her cousin, Princess Mary, who is a Catholic, and the tensions that sometimes come with that.

Over all, it was a good, enjoyable book. Especially if you like history. Oh! And it has pretty illustrations here and there.


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