Book Boost! The Prosecution of Harvey Oakland

Today I’d like to tell you about a short story just published on Amazon by Edward Thérèse Jr. called The Prosecution of Harvey Oakland.

It’s a bit murder mystery, starring an investigator who is trying to close a seemingly impossible case, while trying to keep his sanity. Oh, and there’s magic…. or biovis, but I’ll let the story explain that.

It’s a cool story in my opinion, and enjoyable. And until Tuesday the 11th, it’s free! So why not good pick up a copy? And if you like it, leave a review and rate it. It really helps! So with out further-a-do, The Prosecution of Harvey Oakland!

(Disclaimer. There are a few instances of swearing, but it’s just once or twice, so it’s no biggie.)


Special Agent Seamus Bormann was happier before being transfer to FBI’s Special Case Division, where he must secretly solve cases in which murders are committed with the power of thought, and now he must face his toughest challenge yet: Put together a case to prosecute Harvey Oakland, a man who killed his friend with appears to be incontrovertibly natural causes.

Get your copy HERE! And don’t forget to share!


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