A Taste From My Work

Writing the post for the Superversive Literary Movement reminded me of a little excerpt from one of my stories, demonstrating what a book can do, especially from a child’s point of view. In the story my five-year-old protagonist, Marymae, is trying to decide whether she should venture into the woods to look for her imaginary friend, who she believes he has gone missing. But with the help of a book, she knows exactly what to do. Hope you enjoy!

As Marymae fretted, she tip-toed to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Her favorite book was sitting on the table, and that made her feel better. Marymae couldn’t read very well yet, but she had made her mother read it so many times she knew it by heart. As she sipped her milk, she flipped through the book and looked at the lovely pictures.

The story was about a princes who saved her starving kingdom by traveling to the far away land, and with the help of her loyal knight, confronted the wizard who was holding all the rain. Marymae loved the princess, she was so brave and kind, never getting too upset when things were bad, and she was always full of hope. Marymae wanted to be just like her, and wondered what the princess might do if she were here.

Suddenly Marymae jumped up. She new exactly what to do. Tip-toing as fast as she could back to her room she got the backpack from under her bed.

The princess would save her friends, even if she was scared, and Marymae decide she would too. She pulled out her pink flashlight and bag of sparks, then dug a jump rope and out of the closet, and dropped them in the bag.


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