Poem: To Forgive The Unforgivable

Here is something Muse had me write today, not sure where it came from… he’s strange like that. In my mind the character portrayed is a man who just lost his entire family at the hands of a sociopath. And must, as a christian man, forgive the murderer.

        To Forgive The Unforgivable  

I forgive you

to save myself

and to save you

*       *     *

I wash my hands

of the pain you caused

and the harm you’ve done

*           *         *

I let go of the grudge

even though it hurts

more than you could know

*          *        *

I will not force you

to repay what you’ve taken

or demand revenge

*          *        *

Vengeance is mine

saith the Lord

you will pay for your sins

*             *           *

You and your sick mind

you have taken my life

all that I am

*        *       *

There is blood on your hands

you do not deserve this

yet I give it anyway

*            *         *

You never asked

you probably never will

but I still forgive you

*            *           *

Not because I am better than you

but because I am the same

a broken sinner, the same

*              *             *

None of us truly deserves love

but just as it was given to me

I must give it to you

*         *        *

So I forgive you

but I still hate you.


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