New Years Update

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Today is December 31st, the last day of 2014.

It has been a good year, with many good things to look back on. I have had many fun times: Gone new places, met new people, tried new things, heck I started this blog and that’s been pretty fun!

I’ve written a fair amount of things this year: several short stories, a few poems, a good deal on my novel, and this will be my 60th post on this blog! But while that’s good, I know I could do better. There’s also been frustrating moments as I try to master the way to convey my thoughts into a readable form and story, (or catch all those typos)  And depressing moments when I realized that all the editing I’d done on my 100+ pages of my novel, and had just spent a mouth or so on, had just been lost, (or when I see the embarrassing amount of typos that slipped past me).

But anyway, what’s News Years without resolutions!? So let’s get to it, shall we? Last year I made a list of things I wanted to do or improve in 2014, so now it’s time to see how I did.

2014 New Years Resolutions

1. Have lots of adventures.

I think this one can get a successful pass! This year I’ve gone to New York and New Jersey, as well as Indiana, all places I’ve never visited before. I was on a road trip, I performed in the Nutcracker, I went to college, and there are so many other little adventures that I wouldn’t be able to count them! Adventure wise, this has been a very good year!

Success level: 10 out of 10

2. Write more.

I guess this one gets a pass as well. I feel could have written more, but all the same it’s been pretty good. As I mentioned earlier.

Success level: 8 out of 10

3 Get the first draft of my book done.

Umm….. No. I’m at about 78,000 words, although the story has gotten much bigger. So I don’t think it will fit in just one book. But I still don’t know what to do with it sometimes. And the book I’m talking about, by the way, is called this is it’s code name BT.

Success level: failed.

4. Play with my horses more.

Well, I think I have, I’m not really sure. I have played with my furry friends some deal this year, but not as much as I wanted to. So this can be a draw.

Success level: 5 out of 10

5. Finish my cheer weasel scarf.

Oooooooh yeaaaah! That’s a definite win. The cheer weasel is done and is as fabulous as ever! It took a while to make, but finished it back in June. Go me!

Success level: 11 out of 10 Boss Mode

2015 New Years Resolutions 

1. Of course, as always, I want to write more this year, both on my blog and in my stories.

2. More specifically in writing, I want to find a publisher to publish my short story/novella (not really sure which one it is).

3. Improve my dancing, and get my splits!

4. Read more of the books I’ve been wanting to read, (that’s been going slow because it’s hard to find time, and I’m not a very fast reader).

5. And lets shoot for the stars…. I this year I will try to keep my room at least somewhat clean most of the time.

And so fair well 2014! Thank you for a wonderful year, and wonderful memories. And as you give way to a new year and new day, I do believe I will remember you. Even when you are faded in history, in my mind you will not fade way. So 2014, it’s been fun… 2015 here I come!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “New Years Update

  1. Just to be mean…(Well, really I found them amusing.) some typos….

    “I have played with my furry friends some deal this year, but not as much as I wanted to. So this can be a DRAWL.” (Seems appropriate for talking about horses.)

    “Oooooooh yeaaaah! That’s a DEFENDANT win.” (Are you planning to be a lawyer now?)

    “And lets shoot for the STARTS…. I this year I will try to keep my room at least somewhat clean most of the time.” (I guess that means you aim to start? Well, that fits well with such a mediocre goal.)

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