A Writing Update on a Beautiful Blue Day

Have you every had a day where you just wanted to lay down in the sun and read? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing all day. And let me just say, it’s been pretty fabulous! Despite the fact that waking up his morning was awful, and my head and stomach were threatening to give me a bad time, it’s been a good day. Something about a big blue sky and a warm sun, (especially after having had a few cold and sick days in my recently) just made the day lovely.

But enough about that, how ’bout I get to the question I’m sure y’all have been dying to here! How is my writing coming along?

(Muse sitting on my shoulder) “Umm Mistress, I don’t think they’ve been dying. They probably don’t care about it at all. Except maybe for a bit of cheap entertainment.” (I roll my eyes) “Oh, whatever Muse, I’m trying to make a transition  here, so hush up.”

I have many little projects I work on, or have ideas for, as well as my main WIP novel. And on my main one, ( code name: BT book) I’ve got roughly 200 pages that need much editing and tweaking.

By now I know that I do not like editing or revising very much. For me, the initial writing part is a blast! I have ideas, and I set my characters off and write down what they do. Then once I have all or most of it down, I have to make sure it’s shaping into a good story. And then come…. the arguing with my characters. Or as I like to call them, my imaginary friends.

What to cut out…? what to leave in…? should I change that…? how can I arrange that scene better…? will the girls ever stop talking…? how can there be so many typos…!? why wont my imaginary friends listen to me…!?! What am I doing with my life…? Is it really three in the morning…. and I still haven’t gotten more than a paragraph…? If I pull my hair out by the roots, will it grow back slower…?

These, only slightly exaggerated, are some other the things I have to worry about. Well… except for today. The sunshine did not allow frowny faces! This is one area of writing I will to master, and soon! lest my sanity be lost!

(Disclaimer: Tongue has been firmly planted in cheek. I am slowly working at these things a little everyday, so I am still sane. Or as sane as a girl who talks to an imaginary cat, and believes is following her around, can be.)

Besides as that I have a short story I need to get an illustrator for, and start looking for publisher. A little daunting, since this will be my first work published, but I have friends… and life still goes on!


6 thoughts on “A Writing Update on a Beautiful Blue Day

  1. “Is it really three in the morning…” No, this isn’t my catchphrase at all … *whistles innocently*

    Good luck with … well, everything.

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