A Day of Love?

It’s Valentine’s day.

Most think of chocolate, roses, February, and romance,

Heart-shaped cards, and falling in love.

But who needs material things, when you have a blue sky.

And why deal with couples,

When you have loved ones of a different kind.


Others say “humbug” to this whole Valentine’s deal,

Perhaps a bit bitter, scared by love, or with wounds unhealed.

But love is more than romance, or the feel of a kiss,

Don’t forget love comes in many more forms than this.

Families and friends to make you laugh and smile,

That will support you through triumphs and trials.


If this day is really about love, let us really love.

Let us care for others, for their own good,

Not because we might get something in return.

Even those who hurt us, let’s love them as well,

Because kindness is louder than a yell.

So if Valentine’s is about love, let it last more than just one day,

Cause we all know the real day of love, is Easter Sunday!


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