Winter Night Dreaming

A blanket of white drapes the land in mystery,

night turns to day, and days into endless wondering.

In a land void of color there is only black and white,

no twinkle of stars, only eyes that shine bright.

Snowflakes coat my lashes, as my nose turns red,

for them I forsake sleep, and abandon my bed.

A land transformed before my eyes,

changed and covered til it is unrecognized.

Everything silent, everything clear,

everything made simple in the cold winter air.

I speak no words, only my mind and feet move,

unleash my dreams, there is nothing here to lose.

My quite heart beating with every foggy breath,

the ground untouched, save for the foot prints I left.

Snowflakes sing, kiss my nose and cheeks,

somewhere deep in the woods I’m sure fairies sleep.

In a land of sleeping, this world is a white canvas,

no colors, only dreams grace its blank patches.

I walk through the forest, I plow through the fields,

taking in this site so rare and unreal.

I walk and wonder on ground as white as the sky,

for I know this world will fade at the morning light.

So til my fingers are numb and the cold too much to bare,

I let my mind and feet roam, waiting for a dream to snare.

In this land so simple, a land so bare,

in a winter wonderland, look for me, I’ll be there.


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