Persistence Persistence Persistence

To be a writer you much have persistence. It doesn’t matter if you are good, bad, published, unpublished. If you want to be a writer you must have persistence.

If you’re new or unskilled, the more you practice and write, the better you’ll get.

If you’re unpublished, you need persistence to get published. Even if you have to go thought hundreds or thousands of rejection slips. If you get published on your 800th try, but you give at 790th, then all you’ll have is an unpublished manuscript, and maybe depression.

And if you are a decent writer and published author, persistence will keep you work coming, your fans happy, and still probably make you a better writer along the way.

Persistence is also needed to finish your work. If you always start stories but never finish them, you’ll never be a writer. Even if you thinks it’s not good, learn to finish your stories.

And when you have writers block, or are stuck on something, you need persistence to get passed it. Even if you have to step away and clear your head for a bit. The more persistence you have the more you can git done.

Being persistent doesn’t always come easily, so you must practice by writing everyday, even if it’s just a little. But the more you write, the better you’ll get, so persistence is the key!!

Say it with me! Persistence persistence persistence!!


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