Monday Musings: Confessions of a Compulsive Friend-Maker

I’m what you might consider a friendly person, even a very friendly person.  In fact, it seems I can’t NOT make friends whenever I go somewhere.

I’m not really sure why exactly. But I’ve pretty much always been like this; adventurous, talkative, forward, not wanting to be told what to do. ESPECIALLY when I was little!

These are a few stories of some of my escapades.

From the ages 0-5 I lived in Florida. I was told we lived in many houses, but the only place we lived that I have clear memories from, was a nice house in a neighborhood, with a pool in the back. But as nice as this  house was, at the age of about 2 or 3 I tried to run away a couple times. Not on purpose mind you. I would just sometimes find myself outside on my own and go for a walk. Once when this happened, I had no clothes on at all. But thankful Dad was across the street talking to the neighbor, and caught me before I got too far.

Of course I don’t remember this directly, but Mom has told me about these adventures of mine. And one things she told was at one time I did succeed, and she received a knock on the door from two strangers with me in their arms. They had found me wondering by the end of the neighborhood, and started going door to door trying to see who’s kid I was.

But that was far from my only run away spree. I was told I was constantly running away from mom when we were out places. Such as Sea World or large Fourth of July events. If Mom tried to follow me, I’d just keep running, and only let her get me after I feel down and started crying.

There may be some children that hate to be separated from their parents while shopping, but not me.

I’d go off on my own all the time. I’d slip away and do my own thing, and if I couldn’t find Mom later, I’d just get one of the workers to call her over the intercom, which was always fun!

I was such a little bundle of confidence, I’d talk to anyone. Another time in a super market I was standing talking to a lady at a craft table. And I was so casual and relaxed about chatting to her, it took her a while to figure out my mom was nowhere nearby.

After moving to Georgia, I found another outlet for my extreme friendliness. Girl Scout cookie sales! I had it going for me. I was all organized, had my own business cards and recites, and my killer sales speech. People would get a kick out of me and my confident, talkative ways. And it worked. I was top seller in my area, selling 1000+ boxes several years in a row. I had my regular costumers with some of the local business, and even got myself in the paper a couple times.

In recent times I’m just as talkative and friendly as ever. I’ve made friends with people after 10 seconds of fan-girling (and if you get me fangirling… Lord help you, cause you’re not getting out of there anytime soon!) I’ve made friends with a someone by simply walking through a door. And while I visited New York city this past summer, I made friends with a girl on the subway because I struck up a conversation about the Silly Band on her wrist.

Granted, the friends I make like this are more acquaintances, and usually don’t move much beyond that. But I can’t seem to stop.

Are there others like me? Compulsive Friend-Makes, that don’t mind telling there life story to strangers, and can’t help but talk to people?

Perhaps we should start a club. It shall be call Compulsive Friend-Makers Unit. Or perhaps Talkoholics Unanimous  

We shall have tea and cake and talk.

Then we shall have chocolate.

And talk

Then we’ll just talk.

And talk…..

and talk.

And talk.

And talk




9 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Confessions of a Compulsive Friend-Maker

  1. This is so charming! I have such sympathy for your mom. My boys also were all over…though back then, they didn’t talk.

    What a valuable quality friend-making is! One you will never regret!

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