Writing Update: Actors and Authors

This weekend I auditioned for a musical production of Aladdin! And while I was there, doing my best to sing and act well, I noticed something. When I was trying to get into character, it felt a lot like it does when I get into my book character’s heads.

Now I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself staring into a mirror and imagining scenes and scenarios as my character would experience them. Dreaming up their thoughts and emotions, what they would say and how they’d act, and try to feel it like they do. To someone on the outside it would probably look like me just standing in front of a mirror and making faces at myself. But to me there is a very sad, dramatic, or exciting event unfolding.

Since I have this habit of acting out all my characters feelings for myself, I think it made it that much easier to get into a character on stage.

That’s when I thought “Hey, authors and acts have something very specific thing in common, they both try to make characters come alive!”

See, authors use their words, imagination, and skill to bring a character to life in your head. Actors, on the other hand, use their body, voice, and expressions to bring a character to life before your eyes.

Just an interesting thought, glean from it what you will.

Now, as far as my writing is going, it’s hard to say because it hasn’t been very consistent lately. But every time you slip, you just try and try again, so that’s what I’m doing. I have short stories that need to be finished, blog posts I need to keep up on, and I’ve done some major changes at the beginning of my WIP.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! And for anyone wondering, I did make into the ensemble of Aladdin. Probably going to do a lot of dancing!


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