The Trials of Dying Lap Tops

So it’s been, say, a month since I’ll been on here? Give or take a week?

Not my fault though! It was the elves, they  stole my blog password as a joke but then got themselves killed in a battle against ninja wasps and orcs. And the only way to revive them was with the blood of a jabberwocky! But there were jelly/molasses wielding slothoctopus and……. Okay that’s not really what happened.

The less glamorous truth is that my computer was quite frankly… dying. I’d had it for some time, and I’d gotten it used. So on top of an extremely glitchy screen, it was terribly slow, and liked to freeze up… the  charger  stopped working properly. And so followed a couple weeks of standing or sitting on the charger trying to get in to work, and worrying that I wouldn’t get my computer charged. Until the day it did die, and my computer ran out of charge. It was at that time I realized I am not a very happy person when I can’t write and I really want to. So a wandered around the house feeling myself slowly go mad, (well, madder than I already am) until Mom let me use her laptop to pull up my file from email and so still be able to write.

Thankful, the day before, Dad had finally found a new laptop for me, and had ordered it. This was long over due, but at last I only had a week to wait. In which time I confiscated Mom’s lap top to use as my writing and web browsing tool.

Then the day finally arrived, and my new baby had at last come! Followed by my ooohing and ahhhhing and have to wait all morning while dad got it set up before I could play with.

However, I could not quite remember how to log back onto Wordpress, that information was still on my older computer, which was still dead. So I had to wait until I ordered a new charger, and for it to arrive. Then that computer didn’t want to connect to the internet, but I was busy so I didn’t mess with it much. But then it was working and I got what I needed, so I’m back now!!!

In the mean time, I have been writing mainly on my novel, and so I’m making progress! I find it’s easier to rework and edit the further along I get. Perhaps because the later parts of the story were written at a later then the first, that means I have gotten better. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway! And another interesting note is when I reading through and I think of something that should go next, and it was already there! Guess I’m kind of reading my own mind there!

So now that my land of la-la is returned to me (hurrah! hurrah!) I will be around more, with new stories and articles and whatever else Muse corporates long enough to get into a coherent post. Until then follow adventures and seekers of stories! Adieu!


8 thoughts on “The Trials of Dying Lap Tops

  1. Yes I did not know that you where mad about it every time I saw you. You didn’t look mad you looked happy. 😦
    But you look happy now that you got a new computer

  2. Happens to us all. I don’t give the computer I’m using right now a long lifespan …

    Looking forward to new posts.

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