If I Could Fly

A sky so blue, so vast

Against the green earth, a contrast.

So marvelous a site

I stare in delight

into a sky so bright.


If I could fly

I’d soaring into the sky

laugh with delight

and touch the stars at night.


The clouds would be my bed

and the earth my home.

So many lands I would see and places I would go.

Mountains high and valley low

far away lands is where I’ll go.

If I could fly, I’d never come down,

never touch the ground.

I’d never leave the sky

That’s what I would do if I could fly


So high, so low,

around and around I’d go.

I’d build a castle in the sky

and invite everyone I love to dance and dine.

My dreams would be my reality

a world all my own

I’d imagine it all, and call it home.


I’d roar with the thunder

and run for cover

as lightning strikes the sky


On rainbow I would slide

into sunsets I would dive

And dance amidst their color.


I’d look at the earth below

with its lands all aglow

and watch it turn from afar.


I could escape for a while

let myself smile

and breath admits the stars.


If I could fly,

I’d do this and more

but when I look again

I’m on the ground as before.

So with a sigh and a last glance at the sky

I return to again inside

And though I struggle with my flightless plight

it’s okay

because I can always dream again tonight.




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