Season’s Change 

Since May, one of my good friends have been working as a house keeper in a sort of get away ranch in Colorado, and she has a blog documenting some of her adventured and how it’s been going up there. Her time is closing to an end, but she has plenty of little stories and lovely pictures for you to enjoy. But for now, here is her latest, and I think one of my favorite posts.

The Fox

Summer is fading and kids have returned to school, leaving us with adults who just want to fish, and a last couple of “midges”. We lost about half our staff a week or two ago when several people from every department headed back to school leaving us short handed. Two new girls joined us last week for waitstaff, Ellen (kids counselor) and Ann Kate (wrangler) are also helping out as waitstaff and Sophia is joining us in housekeeping. We are to get one other person for housekeeping and we got a new fishing guide to help fill our ranks once again. The rest of the season should be fairly chill judging by this week. It’s much quieter, less busy seeming, and cleaner with no kids, though it is strange to see Nate helping the ranch hands and missing his herd of children.

Although the temperatures are continuing to reach the…

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