Writing Update: Finally Ended Editing!


Sorry, I needed a moment. I finally got to the end of a large round of editing, revising, and tweaking on what I have so far of my WIP (which is about 360 pages and 89,000 words)

There’s been a lot of set backs in trying to complete editing my book. Last summer I had done a round of cleaning up and editing. And on the very day I finished, my document went corrupt and I lost it. Fortunately I did have other versions saved other places. Unfortunately I hadn’t updated that in a while, so I didn’t have all the editing I’d just done, or the ten pages on the end I had added. Once I had recovered emotionally, I simply continued with the story instead of editing again.

Then more recently I decided to try and edit again, and I did it! This go round had a few set backs of its own, but thankful not as bad as last time, and I think I’ve improved some things in the story. So that’s always good!

What’s going to be funny is going back to writing new things again. It’s taken a couple of months at least to go through on whole thing. I took a lot of time changing and tweaked a lot in the beginning of the story, and I’m not terribly fast at writing yet, but at least I finished!

And now I have to figure out what I’m doing with the story from here. I have a few idea, and am going to change the last bit of what I wrote, so we’ll see how that goes! Hopefully Muse will help me. But he is a cat, so you can’t always count on that.

It’s a work in possess, the book as well as my writing technique, but I’m hopeful!                   So until next time, and as Dory say: “Just keep writing!”


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