A Writer’s Morning Routine

Click. Click. Clack. Click. Clack


Poke. Poke. Poke.


Poke. Tap. SMACK!

“AHHH! Muse what do you want!?!??”

Stare and flick tail.

“I’m sleeping, go away!”  *rolls over*

<Wake up.>

*face in pillow* “Go… Away…”

<I’m bored.>

“I’ll write in a little bit.”

<One hour goes by….>

“Go away.”

<Hour and a half…>

“Stop it!”

<Two hours…>

“Alright! I’m up, I’m up!”

*groan, flip on the light and sit up.*

Muse stares at me disapprovingly, <Not going to get out of bed?>

“Nope, too cold. You know I have no fat on me and can’t stay warm. These covers aren’t moving. You know you can’t win this one.”

Muse rolls his eye. With a few stokes of his wings lifts himself to my lap and brings along my lap top.

“Oh how nice. For once.”

*Pats his head as he curls up next to me*

<Lets write.>

“Ok I will, first I need to finish waking up. I’ll just check my email and the web comics for today…. “

*narrow his eyes and flicks his tail impatiently*

“and youtube really quick….”

<Oh no, not that black whole.>

“Relax, I’m just pulling up some music”

*click on a playlist, pull up the document, try to get started.*

And that’s about how my morning goes. Well, how I’d like it to go anyway, I’m trying to establish a routine. Sometimes there is a little more browsing and distractions, and sometimes sleeping, before I really get to writing. But hey, I’m trying. Even if it’s just a little in the morning, I think it will help get the writing ball rolling for the day. And that way I wont feel as bad when I realize it’s the afternoon and I only have an hour or to more left and I still haven’t written yet.

Do you have a morning routine? Or perhaps a favorite time of the day to write? However you write, I hope it’s going well! So until next time, I will just keep auguring with my cat….


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