Invasion of the Rectangles!

Have you ever noticed how many rectangles there are around? It seems everyone has them, but that isn’t too surprising. Just think of the things they can do; hold whole libraries and concerts, entertain you with books, games, music and movies, and connect you with the almost bottomless wealth that is the world online. All that in the palm of your hand! And not to mention you can communicate instantly with anyone, even all the way across the world!

And nowadays these powerful little devices are cheep. You see children walking around with more than one of them, people replacing them with the new one every year. These rectangles are everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. It’s incredible when you think about it.

Of course, as you might have guessed, these “rectangles” are things like Smart Phones, iPad and iPod, computers and even some watches and glasses now.

A lot of people laugh when they hear me referred to them as rectangle. But it makes perfect sense to me! Because, well, that are in the shape of a rectangle. (With perhaps the exception of the glass, but those aren’t wide-spread yet, so whatever.)

There’s no doubt rectangles and the internet has changed many things. Take writing for example.

Just the internet alone has changed the World of Words for both readers and writer. Indie and self-publishing has taken off, through social media authors and their readers can connect like never before. Thanks to things like e-books and kindles, you can get books for cheaper, since you don’t have to deal with printing costs. You can also have more books in one places, and that’s easy enough to carry in you pocket or bag.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like writing on rectangles. It’s a lot more convent then, say, having to write everything by hand or using a type writer. Being able to copy and past, easily add and take away words, and email and share your document and make more copies is a wonderful thing!

Of course, as with almost anything, there can be down sides. Like having a document corrupt and losing work (oh how I know that pain!) using the immense recourses at our fingertips to waste time on the infamous cat videos and social media. And speaking of social media, that can go two ways as well. It can be a wonderful way to connect people and friends all over the world, or it can breed circular arguments and bring out behaviors and characteristics in people they would normally hind or keep in check in face to face confrontation. It’s just so easy to say anything when hiding behind a screen. Another thing is sometimes you have to be careful social media doesn’t make you anti-social.

But all in all, I quite like my rectangles.

I’m still quite young, so I’ve pretty much been around rectangles in one way or another my whole life. But I know it wasn’t terribly long ago when it wasn’t like that. And I like to try and imagine that time, and compare it with our time now. It’s all to easy to take them for granite our rectangles, since they’re everywhere. But take a moment, go on, just pause and think about it.

Think about the past generations, and the way they had to gather information and share it, what was their technology like compared to ours? Think of the advancements we have made, (Except maybe with the concurring space operations. Come on NASA and Government people! Lets colonize Mars or something!) But we’ve made some manger leaps in the past decades, especially in the last century, haven’t we? Sure we don’t have jetpacks yet, and the Hoverboards  aren’t hovery enough for me, but hey! Rectangles are cool!

I have one more thought on this matter. It seems in a way my generation, the 90’s kids I guess we can be called, are right in the middle of the technology jump. Most of our childhood happened before the rectangles took over, and most of us probably spent a lot of time playing with friends outside or have board-games and video games to do with each other. Out entertainment was TV and books. We used to have to call, on a house phone sometimes, and ask to talk to someone.

The generation before us, our parents, didn’t have anything like the rectangles around now. And the generation after us, the wiper-snappers of today, that’s almost all they have.

See? Right in the gap. I remember when touch screens for really came out and how exciting that was. My sister, on the other hand, probably can’t think of a time when touch screens weren’t around. It’s a fact, the rectangles have taken over. Let’s just hope they don’t become sentient and demanded human sacrifice or something…

Anyway, they’re incredible and powerful devices! But also addictive. So remember, with rectangles of great power comes great responsibility to use it as a tool, and not a crutch.



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