What Motivates You To Write?

What motivates you to write?

Now, I’m not talking about the broad motivations. Like: Because I can express myself! I love writing! I have so many ideas! And these fictional characters living in my head won’t leave me alone if I don’t!

I’m talking about your daily motivation. Because we all know we need to write. Everyday. But we also know how hard that can be.

So what’s your daily motivation? Do you a have a goal you can work towards? Something reachable that will push you to meet it, even on days when you’re having a harder time?

There are TONS of ways and daily goals you can set to motivate yourself to write. You can tell yourself, “I’ll write five paragraphs a day,” or “I’ll write a chapter a week,” or “I’ll write an hour each morning.” Really whatever works with your schedule and gets you writing is good.

Personally, my goals vary, depending on what I’d working on. For example, right now I am working on getting the first draft of my second book down. My goal is at least 5,000 words a week, which gives me a thousand-word-a-day daily goal, with the exception of Sunday and Saturday. That gives me a two-day buffer where I can catch up or rest. Which is very helpful.

Now I’ll admit, the thousand-words-a day-goal-is-tricky, but I’ve manage it for the most part. And since starting at the beginning of the year I have about 20,000 words. This particular word count goal works good for me at this point. And that’s because I just need to get all the story and ideas down, so I can go back and mold it later.

Then when I start on the editing, my goals will change again. Probably to something like a page a day, or a chapter a week. Or if I have a tricky scene coming up I have to rework, I may give myself a couple of days to work on just that.

However, these are my goals. So my question is, what motivates you to reach your goals? It’s something to think about. Sometimes just reaching your goals is enough rewards. But on other days a little extra oomph is helpful.

For myself I have a big bag of Reese’s I bribe myself with. And that works VERY well. (as long as Muse keeps an eye on it so I don’t try to snatch some before I write.) But otherwise it’s a very effective system!

So. What motivates you to write?




5 thoughts on “What Motivates You To Write?

  1. I wish I had an answer to this. I might be further along than I am, but … I’m easily distracted. Not from creating anything, but from completing any creations. Ideas pile up without ever draining interest from older works until I don’t know which way to look. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

  2. While I’m not writing a novel (just posting to my blog), I still find it tricky to keep my goal of posting at least three times a week. Setting that specific goal really helped, however, taking the time to write a really well developed post is hard. To solve this, I’ve started writing “morning pages” which allows me to get all that stream of consciousness writing out, so if I’m going to write later, I can focus on my language, rather than all the distracting thoughts that keep bubbling up. I’ve only done it a few days, but so far it’s helped!

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