Writing Update: Back At It Again


Did ya miss me? Probably not, but that’s fine, we can still be friends.

I’d like to introduce myself back to my blog. It’s been quiet some time since I’ve actually posted anything regularly on here. I don’t exactly have any specific reason I stopped posting. Just that life got busy, I was writing more on my novels, and I just didn’t really have just of an inspiration or joy in doing post for a while. But now I’m back! So lets give this thing another crack! (hehe I’m such a rhymer)

Now, let’s get down to business.

First off, I’m going to change the theme on this here blog. Things need to be shaken up now and again, so I officially declare this to be the LaLa blog 2.0!!! New and improved and now with cup holders! (However the cup holders are only for me, sorry about that. You’ll have to wait for the deluxe addition.)

But I will try to improve it. With lots of varied content – all about writing – coming out every week. I’ll have the things I did before, like writing updates or tips and things I’ve learned about writing, as well as occasional short stories and poems. But I’ll also have some new features; like more on-going stories with myself and the FABULOUS, and most WONDERFUL and ever LOVED, Muse! (No, I wasn’t forced to say that under threat of cat claw,  why do you ask? #ItsALie #Help) And another thing I’ve thought of, is I’d like to tell you some of my real life stories. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and while I’m pretty good with fiction, I have had some crazy things happen in my life!

The other thing about this blog, is it will be a release in my writing. In other words, it shall be my proverbial playroom by the fireplace. Where after a long week of crunching words and arguing with fictional people, I can come, relax, and be as serious or as silly as I please. *long sip from my teacup* Ahhh, bliss….

But be warned, I’m giving myself a lot of freedom of imagination here, and knowing my mind… well, you’ve been warned!

But other than that, enjoy the blog and I’ll see you next week!!



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