Writing Update: Computers and Chill Days

Hello all!

Just a little update here for you today on what’s been up the past couple weeks.

First off, the weather. Can I just talk about the weather for a moment…. And why Georgia has decided to be so stinking hot, and not give us any rain or change?? And when it finally does rain, it only lasts 20 minutes and turns the humidity way up right afterwards.

Sigh. Some days the only way I can continue to exist in an old farm-house with no AC is to escape to the pool in the hottest parts of the day.

I was hoping to have a job this summer. So far that hasn’t worked, which means I’ve spent most of my days just in my room writing. It’s day 35 and I haven’t lost my mind in an imaginary world, yet, so that’s a good sign. This also means I’ve been making some pretty steady progress on my WIP! Whoot!

For example, yesterday I rewrote two scenes, added a few more, and wrote about 500 words. Felt pretty accomplished! However that was a good day, not everyday is perfect, but I manage pretty well. And having a computer that was not charging or staying charged was another big problem. It was also why some of my blog posts have been a bit late. But thank goodness I got that fix!! It was terribly annoying.

Another thing I’ve been working on are concept sketches. I have a story that I’m looking to publish, but it just begs to be accompanied by pictures. So that’s what I’m doing, figuring out how to illustrate it. I’m not the best artist, but I’m competent enough. So with enough persistence, and the magic of YouTube tutorials and drawing software, I believe I can do it!

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying these chill summer days with my books and ponies, and occasionally other humans. It’s great.

Hope you have a fabulous week, stay cool!


P.S. Apparently this is my 100th post on my blog….. So yay for that!


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