Why Books Are Better Than Drugs

It’s no secret that people, especially kids, are discouraged from doing drugs. After all, the higher you fly the farther you fall. Not to mention the physical effects and risk of addition. Plus, drugs are expensive, ain’t nobody got time for that.

My idea of a good time is not going out and getting drunk. Nor would hitting a joint or tripping on LSDs be my idea of an evening well spent. I’d rather stay in control of my body and not have to deal with bad side effects later.

Besides… I’ve got a much better, and just as exciting way to get away from yourself and see and feel things that aren’t there. Others may have drugs and booze, but I’ve got books and stories. Which, in my opinion, are way better. And here’s why.


1. Drugs let you escape reality. But so do books.

And not only do you escape reality, you enter a whole new reality! A whole new world you can submerge yourself in! You want to go to the moon? You got it. Want to live in a hidden city? You’re there. What to fight crime on the roof tops? Of course! Stories take you on the best trips ever!


2. Drugs only last so long.

The high you get from drugs only lasts from a few minutes to a few hours, while the effects of a story can last a lifetime. Reading a good-sized story takes more time than even the longest trip. Plus and you can always reread it, experience those same emotions, all those ups and downs, time after time. And there are some stories that just stick with you, that you think about even years later. Great stories never leave you.


3. Drugs enhance your senses. Books enhance your imagination.

You may be having bizarre revelations and seeing in technicolor while doped up on endorphins. But I get to read about characters with different world views. I get to experience new worlds and cultures. Explore the furthest reaches of space and the future, go back into the past and what it must have been like, and into places not of this earth. I get to see the world and humanity through the eyes of someone other than myself. What could be better than that?


4. Drugs make you see things that aren’t there.

Oh ha ha! But can drugs make you feel, cry, cheer, and talk about things that aren’t real? Particularly people? Particularly people who aren’t real, but exist very strongly in your mind? Man, you get attached to a fictional character, and you’re just asking to get your heart jerked so many directions you wont even know where it started.


5 Books let you escape while still having control of yourself.

I think it’d be terrifying to lose control over my body and senses. I’m crazy enough as it is. If I lose control I wouldn’t be able to keep most of the crazy in check like I usually do, and Lord knows what would happen!! Fortunately with stories if there’s an emergency you can set done the book and focus on what’s happening without any chemicals messing with your mind. (Of course there will be fictional things messing with it. But that is easy enough to control with practice.)


6 Story Comas.

Stories are great because you can use them to relax in your down time, or you can go all out binge!!! The best way to binge read is to pick a day with no responsibilities, get yourself in a comfy spot, and read. Read ALL DAY. It’s great, especially if you’re just in a half awake state, it helps blur the lines even more. If you can, remember to eat, but it’s understandable if you forget. One of the most interesting parts of a story coma is when you emerge from it. You’re still in control of yourself and the world is just as you left it, but reality is just…. weird. It’s great!


So in conclusion, I don’t need drugs to get me relaxed or to have a good time. All I need is a good story. I can have all of what that other stuff would give me, without the side effects. I can get out of this world without taking a drag from a smoke. I can go on adventures and see crazy things without tripping. Because really….

Stories are my drugs.


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