Poem: Ramblings of a Storyteller with No Story to Tell

A need to create

A hunger for something more

There’s so much that waits

So many things to explore


Yet nothing can I write

these ideas just wont get in line

I can’t straighten my story and its plight

So instead I’ll use my words in rhymes


It will never stop

This imaginative mind of mine

Craving to build

Even when the ideas run dry


I’ll never be normal

That’s just not my style

Even if I could be…

Ha! no,

I wouldn’t last even a little while


That’s what this poem is for

Inspiration at the oddest time

Just me reaching for something more

So excuse me while I stare at the sky


Nothing more than a mad woman

Filled with dreams

All this time my obsession has stolen

But I make insanity look good on me


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